Meet the Monks
A list of monks at Saint John's Abbey between 1950 and 2012.
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  View    Br. Paul Makoto Tada   Active  
  View    Br. Maria Dominic (Hidenori) Takahashi   Active  
  View    Rev. Camillus (Donald) Talafous   Active  
  View    Br. Andrew (Shigehiro) Tanaka   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Lauentius Tang   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Gilbert (Allen) Tarlton   Active (Supervised)  
  View    Rev. Mederic (Donald) Tauscher   Active  
  View    Rev. Gordon (George) Tavis   Active  
  View    Rev. Mel (Patrick) Taylor   Active  
  View    Br. Harcourt Taylor   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Vincent (George) Tegeder   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Aelred (Hilary) Tegels   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Owen (Linus) Tekippe   Deceased  
  View    Br. Raymond (James) Tembrock   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Julius Terfehr   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Mark Thamert   Active  
  View    Rev. Reinhold (Jerome) Theisen   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Wilfred (Robert) Theisen   Active  
  View    Rev. Valerian (Roman) Thelen   Deceased  
  View    Br. Nicholas (Claude) Thelen   Active  
  View    Rev. Constantine (Notker) Thelen   Deceased  
  View    Br. Stephen (Anthony) Thell   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Hilary (Donald) Thimmesh   Active  
  View    Rev. Simeon (James) Thole   Active  
  View    Rev. Titus (Thomas) Thole   Active  
  View    Br. Otto (John) Thole   Active  
  View    Rev. Maxwell Thompson   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Gualterus Thuente   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Rhaban (James) Tingerthal   Deceased  
  View    Br. John (Alexander) Tirado Rivera   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Joseph Toole   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Anastacio Torrez Ortiz   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Florencio Torrez Ortiz   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. John Traufler   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Dunstan (William) Tucker   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Jerome (Timothy) Tupa   Active  
  View    Br. Stanislaus Turchin   Left Monastery