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Br. Paschal (James) Brisson, O.S.B.
January 9, 1926 - unknown
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Partial Work History
Humacao, Puerto Rico
The Bahamas

Allegations of Abuse and/or Misconduct
A settlement was recently reached in a complaint against Br. Paschal Brisson and St. John's Abbey. The settlement was announced on March 28, 2011. The victim claimed that he was raped by Br. Brisson in the late 1970's. The abuse took place in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

Miscellaneous Notes
All of this by no means tells the whole story of monk-professor-staff-cooks at St. John's. Br. Paschal Brisson, OSB, director of Campus Ministry, taught a course in cooking a few Januaries ago. He can cook anything that approaches edibility, cook it very cheaply and make a delicacy of it. He is also an expert at salvaging disasters, as when he turned in tended, but uncooperative, beignets into delicious fruit dumplings. (SJU Alumni Magazine - 1976)

Born: Available but not Published
Hometown: Available but not Published
Professed: April 6, 1948
Died: unknown
First Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 1950
Last Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 1979

Possible names for Br. Paschal (James) Brisson, O.S.B.:
Br. Paschalis Brisson, Brother Paschalis Brisson
Br. Paschal Brisson, Brother Paschal Brisson
Br. Jacobus Brisson, Brother Jacobus Brisson
Br. James Brisson, Brother James Brisson

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