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Br. Isaac (Stephen) Connolly, O.S.B.
Current Monk at St. John's Abbey: Yes
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Currently under supervision for sexual misconduct.
If you see this monk around children or vulnerable adults,
please consider contacting the authorities immediately.


Partial Work History
Dean of Students

Allegations of Abuse and/or Misconduct
Br. Isaac Connolly is alleged to have fondled one or more victims and attempted to sodomize at least one victim.

Connolly met at least one of his victims at the home of a female professor from St. John's.

The Abbey tried to coverup the abuse when, in October of 2002, Abbey spokesperson William Skudlarek told three lies. He claimed 1) there was just one allegation, that 2) Connollys conduct does not fall under any legal definition of sexual abuse, that 3) the allegation does not involve a student. [Link]

Abbot Klassen knew about the abuse by Br. Connolly long before the October 2002 article - and long before Stearns County Sheriff Jim Kostreba met with the Abbot in May of 2002 to ask to review the records as part of investigations into two unsolved cases (the Reker sisters and Jacob Wetterling).
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Miscellaneous Notes
Br. Isaac Connolly, a monk at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, MN recently took down his Facebook page after it was featured in the "Meet the Monks" section on the Behind the Pine Curtain web site. The Facebook account was public for over three months. (2010)

Born: Available but not Published
Hometown: Available but not Published
Professed: July 11, 1975
Listed as an Active Monk in 2012: Yes
First Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 1976
Last Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 2012*
* Ordo data available not yet available for 2013 or 2014.

Possible names for Br. Isaac (Stephen) Connolly, O.S.B.:
Br. Isaac Connolly, Brother Isaac Connolly
Br. Stephen Connolly, Brother Stephen Connolly
 Br. Issac Connolly, Br. Isaac Connelly

Images of Br. Isaac (Stephen) Connolly, O.S.B.:
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