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Rev. Cosmas Dahlheimer, O.S.B.
November 20, 1908 - February 21, 2004
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Allegations of Abuse and/or Misconduct
In the 1970's, Fr. Cosmos Dahlheimer allegedly abused at least two students at St. Bernard's Church, attempted to kiss a third victim, and abused his fourth victim on at least six occasions, with the abuse occurring at the cabin and St. Augustine. Dahlheimer allegedly abused a fifth victim on multiple occasions while the two were in Dahlheimer's Abbey vehicle.

The earliest known incidents of abuse against Dahlheimer are from 1953, when Dahlheimer made another monk uncomfortable when he kissed and sucked on the earlobes of that monk. Another monk reported that in 1955, Dahlheimer sucked on his earlobes as well. Dahlheimer also tried to kiss the second monk on the lips.

One of Dahlheimer's 1970's victims confirmed Dahlheimer's earlobe fetish.
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Miscellaneous Notes
Novice Master Cosmas Dahlheimer, I was told, used to kiss young monks on the lips, liked to suck on their ear lobes and played with their chest and belly hair. But I did not know before that time that he had abused children when he went to a parish assignment. (Later when I interviewed some of Cosmas victims they described that exact behavior. (Sipe)

Father Cosmas entered St. John's as a Prep in 1923 and took all of his major and minor seminary studies here. Shortly after ordination, he taught for two years at St. Peter's Sask. He was one of the first of the Father of St. John's to volunteer as a chaplain in World War II, served in the Air Force for four years, and saw action in North Africa, India and Burma. he returned to St. John's to teach ion 1947. he has been Master on Novices since 1947. (July, 1961)

Born: Available but not Published
Hometown: Available but not Published
Professed: July 11, 1930
Ordained: June 6, 1936
Died: February 21, 2004
First Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 1950
Last Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 2004

Possible names for Rev. Cosmas Dahlheimer, O.S.B.:
Fr. Cosmas Dahlheimer, Father Cosmas Dahlheimer
Fr. Raymundus Dahlheimer, Father Raymundus Dahlheimer
Fr. Raymond Dahlheimer, Father Raymond Dahlheimer
Fr. Raymond Dahlheimer

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