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Rev. Robert Pierson, O.S.B.
Current Monk at St. John's Abbey: Yes
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Miscellaneous Notes
Father Robert Pierson OSB celebrates twenty-five years of monastic profession. He was born on December 29, 1955, in Estherville, Iowa, and professed first vows on July 11, 1980. Father Robert is the chaplain and head of Campus Ministry for Saint John's University Collegeville. (2005)

Collegeville - A priest at St. John's University said he was resigning his leadership position because of the Vatican's latest statement that homosexuals should be barred from entering the Roman Catholic priesthood. “Because I can no longer honestly represent, explain and defend the church’s teaching on homosexuality, I feel I must resign,” the Rev. Bob Pierson said in an e-mail December 14 to administrators and students at St. John's and the nearby College of St. Benedict. (2005)

Born: Available but not Published
Hometown: Available but not Published
Professed: July 11, 1980
Ordained: June 2, 1984
Listed as an Active Monk in 2012: Yes
First Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 1981
Last Year Listed in Ordo at St. John's: 2012*
* Ordo data available not yet available for 2013 or 2014.

Possible names for Rev. Robert Pierson, O.S.B.:
Fr. Robert Pierson, Father Robert Pierson

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