Meet the Monks
A list of monks at Saint John's Abbey between 1950 and 2012.
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  View    Rev. Timothy Backous   Active  
  View    Rev. Phillip (George) Bahner   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Damian (Burton) Baker   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Colman (Jacob) Barry   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Casparus Basel   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Rudolph (Mark) Baumberger   Deceased  
  View    Br. Anselm (Thomas) Bawek   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Christopher Bayer   Deceased  
  View    Br. Dennis (Alan) Beach   Active  
  View    Rev. Bruno (Stephen) Beauclair   Active  
  View    Rev. Nickolas Becker   Active  
  View    Br. Joachim (Julius) Beckermann   Active  
  View    Rev. Roland (Francis) Behrendt   Deceased  
  View    Br. James Belisle   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Joseph Bell   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Andre (John) Bennett   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Peregrin (Jerome) Berres   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Blaise (Paul) Berres   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Henry Berrios Rivera   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Luigi Bertocchi   Active  
  View    Rev. Ulric (Conrad) Beste   Deceased  
  View    Br. Leo (Charles) Bettendorf   Deceased  
  View    Br. Gabriel (Raymond) Bieniek   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Michael Bik   Active (Supervised)  
  View    Rev. Simon (Robert) Bischof   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Paulin (Michael) Blecker   Deceased  
  View    Br. Joel (Richard) Blekum   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Louis (Charles) Blenkner   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Burton (Allan) Bloms   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Romuald (Kenneth) Bloms   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Robert (Donald) Blumeyer   Deceased  
  View    Rev. William (Jerome) Borgerding   Deceased  
  View    Rev. John Borgerding   Deceased  
  View    Br. Jeremiah (William) Borgmann   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Isadore (Roger) Botz   Active  
  View    Rev. Paschal (Robert) Botz   Deceased  
  View    Rev. George Botzet   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Allan (Richard) Bouley   Active  
  View    Br. Robert Bracken   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Michael Kevin Brady   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Christian Breczinski   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Balthasar (Raymond) Breun   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Andre (Girard) Brissett   Deceased  
  View    Br. Paschal (James) Brisson   Deceased  
  View    Br. Wayne Brix   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Fintan (Alfred) Bromenshenkel   Active  
  View    Rev. Silvan (Alvin) Bromenshenkel   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Theophile (Waldorf) Brown   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. John Brudney   Active  
  View    Br. Jeffrey Brummer   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Kevin (Dewey) Brush   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Vitus (Edmund) Bucher   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Eric (Richard) Buermann   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Albert Buerschinger   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Rembert (Charles) Bularzik   Deceased  
  View    Br. Jacob Burgette   Deceased  
  View    Br. Robert Burke   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Phillipus Burnett   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Clement (James) Burns   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Aurelius (John) Burns   Left Monastery  
  View    Br. Leslie Burrows   Left Monastery  
  View    Rev. Alto (Edward) Butkowski   Deceased  
  View    Rev. Aemilius Butruille   Deceased  
  View    Br. Felipe (Peter) Byron   Left Monastery