1969: “The New Direction” at Saint Scholastica (Duluth)


Recently inaugurated in Duluth was a youth program entitled “The New Direction.” The social and recreational group with no religious or organizational affiliations, The New Direction is composed of high school students and their adult advisors, a number of whom are CSS students. The young people of Duluth participating in the program represent no particular religious denomination, area of residence within the city, or economic status.

Working together, the high school students and their advisers, under the direction of Brother David Hemmerling, are attempting to break down existing socio-economic division within the city through social, charitable, patriotic, and recreational endeavors. Recent accomplishments of the organization have included the donation of $100 to a needy family for Christmas gifts, as well as the adoption of a Brazilian orphan whom the club will support with monthly stipends. Money used in these projects is the profit made through various club-sponsored activities.

CSS students involved in this program served as discussion leaders, confidants, and teachers, aiding the group and all of its operational phases. Participating in the activities of these young people give them an excellent opportunity to positively influence teenagers in the critical years of maturation and social and psychological adjustment.

Scriptorium and Cable – Page 4
College of Saint Scholastica
Duluth, Minnesota
January 15, 1969

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