The Lost Book: Behind the Pine Curtain

1979_Peter_PrepAnd there in the dark, the sea of loneliness, isolation, and alienation that had been damned up for years broke upon him, and he tossed and panted and cried and nearly drowned in sorrow. Was there no friend? Was there no one who knew him? For the tenth time he tossed and twisted in his agony. He turned over onto his right side and huddled down under the sheet away from the fear. His had slipped beneath the elastic band of his shorts, and the turmoil subsided. There was someone that night who loved him. (Page 96)

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Your Turn: Abbey charts right path for Catholics

[Webmaster's Note: The author appears to be yet another of the abbey's puppets, speaking not from experience but from text provided by a compromised leadership. Can Mr. Frey name five of the 240+ victims, five of the 40+ alleged perpetrators and/or five members of the review board?]

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How Patrick Wall became the Catholic church’s worst nightmare

Patrick Wall flips through a six-inch-thick binder in a law office that once housed a confessional booth. He’s got whole boxes yet to comb through, each containing several decades’ worth of internal church memos, affidavits, and police reports.

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Crosiers list 19 accused men, one newly linked to St. Cloud

(SC Times) A new name with ties to the St. Cloud area has surfaced on a list of Crosiers with at least one credible accusation of sexually abusing a minor against them, according to an announcement from the religious order.

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Mother of priest’s victims reveals family pain

[Webmaster's Note: A powerful article regarding the tragic ripple effects of abuse, especially when combined with deception and lies from the church.]

More painful than the abuse, the mother said, is the knowledge that top church officials could have prevented it. MPR News reported in September that leaders in the archdiocese kept secret Wehmeyer’s risky sexual behavior when Archbishop John Nienstedt appointed him pastor in 2009 of Blessed Sacrament and St. Thomas the Apostle, two St. Paul parishes that later merged. Today, they’re blaming her.

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MPR & Alleged Prep School Victim

A caller claiming to be a victim of sexual misconduct while at Saint John’s Prep School called Kerri Miller’s radio show on MPR yesterday.

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Where is Father Anthony Smithwick?

Visiting priest Father Anthony Smithwick has previously been credibly accused of sexual misconduct for incidents involving a Saint John’s University student in the early 1990s. At least one of the incidents was reportedly witnessed by, or reported to, Brother Willie.

Saint John’s has reportedly settled with at least one victim of Father Smithwick.

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Protected: Regarding Russ Bohaty

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Sexual Misconduct by Dr. Anthony Tabor (SJU)

Dr_Anthony_TaborDr. Anthony Tabor was a member of the Saint John’s University Counseling Service staff in the late-1960′s and 1970′s.

At least one Saint John’s student has alleged sexual misconduct by Dr. Anthony Tabor.

In addition to misconduct at Saint John’s, there’s this:

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Letter: Priests guilty of worst crime never paid for it

In World War II, many of the generals and officers who were in charge of the troops were convicted of war crimes and hung. It seems the Catholic hierarchy have escaped their due process of the law. These were unthinkable crimes against humanity and involved innocent children. They committed these horrific crimes and hid behind the cross and the Bible. There is no worse crime.

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Lawyers for abuse victims want diocese, abbey to release more information

Leaders of the Diocese of St. Cloud and St. John’s Abbey haven’t done enough to protect children or other potential victims from clergy who are credibly accused of sex abuse and living in the community, alleged abuse victims and their attorneys said Monday.

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St. Cloud bishop, abbey abbot: We named all alleged abusers

The St. Cloud diocese and St. John’s Abbey have made public all of the names of priests and monks who have credible allegations against them of sexual misconduct with minors, according to the leaders of both institutions.

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Wayzata parish celebrates 150th anniversary

Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community in Wayzata will kick off a year-long celebration of its 150th anniversary with a 10:30 a.m. Mass Jan. 19. Abbott John Klassen of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, will preside at the Mass. Read More

Delayed Public Disclosure

The following is an excerpt from an updated page on this web site. The page, originally posted on March 26, 2011, was recently modified to include excerpts (below) from a memo written by Abbot John Klassen and minutes from the External Review Board.

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Majority of St. Cloud Perps Have Ties to St. John’s

Twenty-two of the thirty-three religious named by the Diocese of Saint Cloud on Friday have ties to Saint John’s.

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St. Cloud Diocese reveals names of priests

(StarTribune) The St. Cloud Diocese on Friday released the names of 33 priests who have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct with children, bringing to nearly 100 the total names of such priests revealed in the past month in Minnesota.

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Omissions by The Diocese of Saint Cloud

The list of religious offenders produced today by the Diocese of Saint Cloud includes thirty-three names. The list includes the names of religious who offended within the diocese. It also includes the names of religious who worked within the diocese but offended elsewhere.

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St. Cloud Diocese List Includes Eight from Abbey

At 4:13pm on a Friday afternoon, the Diocese of Saint Cloud issued a press release identifying thirty-three religious who have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. The list includes eight monk of the Saint John’s Abbey.
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Meet Roger Julkowski

1972_julkowski_dekalbJanuary 3, 2104 Update: One of Roger Julkowski’s former students provided information about Julkowski’s year in Dekalb, Illinois. During the 1971-1972 school year, Julkowski’s landlord reportedly caught Julkowski with a student – and the police caught Julkowski urinating in public. This misconduct occurred approximately four years after coach John Gagliardi and Dunstan Tucker had Roger Julkowski removed from Saint John’s University.
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Rev. Mathias Faue Allegations

According to a 2013 document produced by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Father Mathias Faue, O.S.B. [ More ] was accused of misconduct with children dating back to 1966. Mathias Faue was a monk at Saint John’s Abbey from 1945-1950.

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