Koopmann: Poetry and Cockwarmers

“The Koopmann I know likes to get his students drunk and read ejaculate poetry while trying on hand-knit cockwarmers.” – Former SJU Student (February, 2016)

At the time of this incident, Koopmann was a Faculty Resident at St. John’s University.

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Rev. Robert Koopmann – Secrets Caught Up

Former St. John’s Abbey monk regarding Rev. Robert Koopmann:

I told you [Koopmann’s] story was yet to be told!! I sent him an email once telling him one day his secrets would be made public and his hypocrisy would do him in. Two weeks later he decided to resign from his position as president of SJU. Still the one guys I know for sure he performed oral sex on in the abbey, who is no longer a monk, will NOT say a word – he’s still very loyal to the order. Even after I tried to persuade him of the damage these men do, he feels he would be a hypocrite to condemn what he so willingly participated in as a monk. – February 13, 2016

Father Brennan Maiers Dies at 86

Father Brennan Maiers was inappropriate with at least six individuals, the youngest victim was believed to be eleven years old. In 1992, the abbey settled with one of Maiers’ victims.

His victims would likely disagree with this line of his obituary:

“Father Brennan was a gentle man of compassion and pastoral alertness.”

Maiers’ 2003 External Review Board Biography… 2003 Abbots File Maiers

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Eleven SJP Grads Among Monk Perpetrators

Among the 100+ accused perpetrators at St. John’s are eleven graduates of St. John’s Preparatory School:

Fr. Angelo Zankl (SJP ’18)
Abbot John Eidenschink (SJP ’31)
Fr. Aloysius Michels (SJP ’30)
Fr. Allen Tarlton (SJP ’46)
Fr. Thomas Thole (SJP ’53)
Fr. Brennan Maiers (SJP ’54)
Fr. Thomas Gillespie (SJP ’55)
Fr. Bruce Wollmering (SJP ’58)
Fr. Daniel Ward (SJP ’62)
Fr. Tom Andert (SJP ’65)
Br. Stephen Lilly (SJP ’74)

CSB/SJU community demands action after allegation of ‘sex competition’ among St. John’s students

COLLEGEVILLE (St. Cloud Times) — Almost 400 College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University students gathered in the heart of the St. John’s campus Thursday afternoon, missing class to show solidarity and demand action from administration after allegations of a ‘sex competition’ among some SJU students surfaced last week.

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CSB/SJU investigating allegations of ‘sex competition’ run by male students

(Bring Me The News) The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University are investigating reports of a competition among some Johnnies students to have the most sexual encounters with specified Bennies.

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CSB, SJU Investigate Alleged Sex Competition (AP)

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (AP) — The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University are investigating allegations that some male students started a competition this fall to see who could have more sexual encounters with female students.

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Reports surface of ‘sex competition’ in Patrick Hall

(The Record) SJU Residential Life, Faculty Residents, Resident Assistants and Title IX officers are investigating allegations that St. John’s students on the first and second floors of St. Patrick Hall started a competition over who can have the most sexual interactions with Bennies.

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Former Kimball coach shares story following closed investigation

A former Kimball High School football coach and teacher who says false allegations of sexual assault cost him his job is sharing his story.

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St. John’s Boys’ Choir completes investigation into sexual misconduct allegation

ST. JOSEPH — An unnamed person is no longer involved with the St. John’s Boys Choirs after the organization determined allegations of sexual misconduct against minors were “more likely than not.”

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Tim Nahan Press Conference

Attorney Jeff Anderson and survivor Tim Nahan discusses Tim’s lawsuit against Saint John’s Abbey and the Diocese of Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Nahan was allegedly abused by Father Cosmas Dahlheimer at the Church of St. Joseph in St. Joseph, Minnesota when Tim was eight years old.

Stearns County football coach under investigation resigns

(KSTP) A Stearns County high school football coach under investigation by a school district and the sheriff’s office has stepped down.

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Minnesota high school football coach being investigated after complaint

(Bring Me The News) A Minnesota high school football coach has been suspended by his school pending an investigation into an alleged sexual assault. Kimball High School head football coach Johnny Benson has been placed on administrative leave from coaching and teaching duties while the investigation is ongoing. 

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Grandson of college coaching legend John Gagliardi on leave

(USA Today) The grandson of one of the most celebrated football coaches in history finds himself off the sideline following an investigation in Minnesota.

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103rd Accused… Sister Ann Marie Biermaier

With the long-overdue addition of Sister Ann Marie Biermaier from St. Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota (USA), our list of credibly accused individuals affiliated with St. John’s is now at 103.

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NCYC Confidential Notification

It grieves us deeply to inform you that a minor who participated in the recently-concluded National Catholic Youth Choir (NCYC) summer camp has made a serious report alleging misconduct by an adult associated with the camp.

Subject: Confidential Notification

Notice to NCYC Alumnae and Parents/Guardians

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Andre’ Louis Heywood on Academic Leave

Andre’ Louis Heywood (artistic director of the St. John’s Boys’ Choir) is reportedly on “academic leave” after seen with law enforcement leaving the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater on the campus of Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA) earlier this week.

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Stearns County Press Release

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Where is Fr. Michael Leonard Hahn?

In you have information regarding misconduct and/or the whereabouts of Rev. Michael Leonard Hahn O.S.B, please send us a note.

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Joint Statement

The St. John’s Boys Choir and the National Catholic Youth Choir recently learned of a report from a minor alleging misconduct by an adult associated with both organizations.

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