Koopmann: Poetry and Cockwarmers


“The Koopmann I know likes to get his students drunk and read ejaculate poetry while trying on hand-knit cockwarmers.” – Former SJU Student (February, 2016)

At the time of this incident, Koopmann was a Faculty Resident at St. John’s University.

The Faculty Resident’s role is that of counselor, pastor, and friend. His primary role is to provide a “presence” on the floor. The Faculty Resident serves as an adult mentor in the residence area who supports the Resident Assistant(s) and the residential community in developing a sense of responsibility and commitment. The Faculty Resident assists the Resident Assistant(s) and the students in their own growth as human beings and to model an attitude consistent with the values of our residential, liberal arts college in the Catholic, Benedictine tradition. Therefore, the relationship between the Faculty Resident and the Resident Assistant needs to be open and mutually supportive.

In 1982, Rev. Bob Koopmann was part of the coverup involving a visiting monk, Bede Parry from Conception Abbey in Missouri.

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