The List

Since the 1930s, fifty-seven (57) members of the Saint John’s community have been accused of sexual abuse and/or other misconduct. Another eighteen (18) men with strong ties to St. John’s have also been accused of misconduct.

*** Type 1: Saint John’s Abbey Monks Accused of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct (48)

1. Fr. Michael Bik (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
2. Br. Isaac Connolly  (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
3. Fr. Richard Eckroth (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
4. Fr. Thomas Gillespie (Reportedly Still at Abbey) (SJP ’55) (SOT ’64)
5. Fr. Brennan Maiers (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
6. Fr. Finian McDonald (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
7. Fr. Dunstan Moorse (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
8. Fr. Francisco Schulte (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
9. Fr. Allen Tarlton (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
10. Br. Jim Phillips (Reportedly Still at Abbey)

11. Fr. Tom Andert (Still at Abbey, Prior of Saint John’s Abbey)
12. Fr. Tim “Timo” Backous (Fmr. Headmaster of Saint John’s Prep)
13. Fr. Donald Tauscher (Reportedly Still at Abbey)
14. Fr. Jonathan Licari (Still at Abbey, Headmaster at Prep School)

15. Fr. Daniel Ward (Allegations Deemed Credible 1/2013)
16. Fr. Mel Taylor  (Allegations Deemed Credible 1/2013)

17. Fr. Chrysostom Kim (Active, Abbey)
18. Fr. Simeon Thole (Active, Abbey)
19. Fr. Thomas Thole (Active, Abbey)
20. Fr. Cyril Gorman (Active, Japan)
21. Fr. Anthony Ruff (Active, Abbey)

22. Fr. Jerome Tupa (Active, Abbey & St. Joseph)

23. Fr. Fran Hoefgen (Left Monastery, Cities)
24. Br. John Kelly (Left Monastery, Cities)
25. Br. Robert Burke (Left Monastery, Cities)
26. Br. Stephen Lilly (Left Monastery, Cities)
27. Fr. Howard Oaks Mossier (Left Monastery, Alabama)
28. Fr. Nathan Libaire (Left Monastery, Santa Fe)

29. Fr. James Kelly (Left Monastery, Deceased)
30. Fr. Agustine Cerezo Murillo (Left Monastery, Deceased)

31. Br. Andre Bennett (Deceased)
32. Fr. Cosmas Dahlheimer (Deceased)
33. Fr. Bruce Wollmering (Deceased)
34. Fr. Peregrin Berres (Deceased)
35. Fr. Robert Blumeyer (Deceased)
36. Abbot John Eidenschink (Deceased)
37. Fr. Mathias Faue (Deceased)
38. Fr. Othmar Hohmann (Deceased)
39. Abbot Timothy Kelly (Deceased)
40. Br. Paschal Brisson (Deceased)
41. Fr. Dominic Keller (Deceased)
42. Fr. Alban Fruth (Deceased)
43. Fr. Aelred Tegels (Deceased)
44. Fr. Angelo Zankl (Deceased)
45. Br. Zaccheus Zuehlke (Deceased)
46. Fr. Pirmin Wendt (Deceased)
47. Fr. Aloysius Michels (Deceased)
48. Fr. Roger Botz (Deceased)

*** Type 2: Lay Personnel Accused of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct (4)

1. Terry DeSutter (Alive, 2002 Settlement)
2. Steve Pavkovich (Alive, Banned from Campus)
3. Roger Julkowski (Deceased, “The Farm”)
4. Matthew Feeney (Alive, Prison)

*** Type 3: Visiting Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct (5)

1. Fr. Paul GoPaul (Deceased)
2. Fr. Anthony Smithwick (Alive, England?)
3. Fr. Bede Parry  (Deceased)
4. Fr. Michael Brunovsky (Alive, Ohio)
5. Fr. Jure Christie  (Deceased)

*** Type 4:  Priests Named by MN Dioceses with St. John’s Ties. (18)

Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis (2)

1. Rev. Gilbert DeSutter (SJU ’50)
2. Rev. Alfred Longley (CSB/SJU Retreat Master)

Diocese of St. Cloud (14)

1. Rev. Sylvester Gall (SJU ’34) (SOT ’38)
2. Rev. William Garding (SOT ’82)
3. Rev. Raymond C. Jacques (SOT ’48)
4. Rev. Val Klimek (SJU ’40)
5. Rev. Joseph Kremer (SJU ’63) (Staff, SJU Staff 1976-1984)
6. Rev. Richard Kujawa (SJU SOT ’50)
7. Rev. James Mohm (SJU SOT ’27)
8. Rev. Donald Rieder (SJU ’51)
9. Rev. Peter Snyers St. John’s (SJU SOT ’53)
10. Rev. Allan Speiser (SJU ’45)
11. Rev. James Thoennes (SJU ’60)
12. Rev. William Wey (SJU ’42)
13. Deacon Michael Weber (SJU ’66)
14. Msgr. Vincent Yzermans (Volunteer, Speaker, Contributor)

Diocese of Duluth (2)

1. Rev. Leonard Colston  (SOT 1979)
2. Rev. (Thomas) Gregory Manning (SJU ’40)(SOT ’44)

Diocese of Winona (1)

1. Louis G. Cook (SJU ’54) (SOT ’58)

Diocese of Crookston (Not Available)

Diocese of New Ulm (Not Available)

Note: To find more information about members of the Saint John’s Abbey community, please visit the Meet the Monks section.

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