Tracking the Public Lists


Since 2002, twenty-three members (see chart, below) of the Saint John’s monastic community have been publicly listed as having credible allegations of misconduct.

2002 Saint John’s Abbey List… Here
2011 Saint John’s Abbey List… Here
2013 Saint John’s Abbey List… Here
  2015 Saint John’s Settlement List… Here

2013 Archdiocese of St. Paul List… Here
2013 Diocese of Duluth List… Here
2014 Diocese of St. Cloud List… Here

Additional Coverage:

Saint John’s Abbey (2013)

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis (2013)

Duluth (2013)      Saint Cloud (2014)

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Publicly Listed:

Bennett, Andre
Bik, Michael
Blumeyer, Robert
Connolly, Isaac
Dahlheimer, Cosmas
Eckroth, Richard
Eidenschink, John
Gillespie, Thomas
Hoefgen, Francis
Hohmann, Othmar
Keller, Dominic
Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Lilly, Steven
Maiers, Brennan
McDonald, Finian
Moorse, Dunstan
Phillips, Jim
Schulte, Francisco
Tarlton, Allen
Wendt, Pirmin
Wollmering, Bruce
Zankl, Angelo

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