11 monks on restriction; 2 on leave of absence


Under St. John’s policy, monks on restriction are to have no pastoral or teaching duties or unsupervised social contact with young people. They are not allowed to work in the prep school or university, use most campus facilities, or serve in parishes. They may not travel without permission. Some have been allowed limited travel.

Currently, 11 monks are on restriction because of credible evidence of sexual misconduct. Two others Brother John Kelly and Brother Isaac Connolly would be on restriction had they not taken leaves of absence. A handful of monks are on restriction because of abuse not involving another person, a spokesman said. The abbey would not identify them.

The Rev. John Eidenschink
Brother Andre Bennett
The Rev. Brennan Maiers
The Rev. Richard Eckroth
The Rev. Cosmas Dahlheimer
Brother John Kelly: on leave
The Rev. Allen Tarlton
The Rev. Francis Hoefgen
The Rev. Dunstan Moorse
The Rev. Finian McDonald
The Rev Thomas Gillespie
The Rev. Francisco Schulte
Brother Isaac Connolly

BEHIND THE PINE CURTAIN // 11 monks on restriction; 2 on leave of absence;
Minneapolis Star Tribune 09-29-2002
11 monks on restriction; 2 on leave of absence

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