Diocese of Duluth releases names of accused priests


The Diocese of Duluth today released a list of 17 of its former priests who have been determined to be credibly accused of sexually abusing children.

All 17 priests have been removed from the church, are under investigation or were deceased before the accusations surfaced. Four are alive today.

The list also includes five other priests with ties to the area who have been accused while working in other ministries.

Duluth Bishop Paul Sirba called the history of abuse in the church a “sad truth that must be acknowledged” and said the release of names will help victims heal and encourage other victims to come forward.

The list of 17 credibly accused priests includes:

Kirby Blanchard
Louis Brouillard
Victor Chateauvert
Leonard Colston
Raymond Cossette
Frederick Fox
John Golobich
Ralph Goniea
Robert Klein
Mark Makowski
(Thomas) Gregory Manning
John Nicholson
Dennis Puhl
Thomas Stack
Joseph Thibaudeau
Stephen Toporowitz
Angelo Zankl

Additional accused priests with ties to the area:

Cornelius Kelleher
Vincent Fitzgerald
Othmar Hohmann
Richard Jeub
Brennen Maiers

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