Rev. Anthony Ruff Still on SJU Staff


Father Anthony Ruff remains on the staff at St. John’s University [ Link ] despite credible allegations of sexual misconduct and retaliation, after which he was sent to the Saint Luke Institute in Maryland for more than one year. Father Anthony Ruff also remains involved with the National Catholic Youth Choir.

You will not find Father Anthony Ruff’s name listed on the abbey’s web site of credibly accused monks because his victim was over the age of eighteen. More

An internal memo [ View as PDF ] from Abbot John Klassen in April of 2002 includes:

“From March 3-5 I attended a “Critical Personnel Issues” Conference in Washington, DC, that was co-sponsored by Southdown Institute and Saint Luke’s Institute. There were about 150 participants and there were nine separate workshops on a range of issues that emerge in working with people in religious life. I was also able to meet with Father Anthony Ruff and his team for a conversation and assessment of program goals for Anthony.” – Abbot John Klassen, April of 2002


“Father Anthony Ruff is in the last stage in-patient treatment at Saint Luke’s Institute.” – Abbot John Klassen, April of 2002


“I think that it is very important for us to resist the facile connections between pedophilia and homosexuality (there isn’t one); pedophilia and celibacy (there isn’t one); pedophilia and maleness (there isn’t one); pedophilia and priesthood (there isn’t one).” – Abbot John Klassen, April of 2002


“One of the major issues in this current crisis is the re-appointment of men to ministry after treatment. The key issue here is monitoring the ministerial situations and ensuring good communication. We are reviewing our sexual abuse policy to ensure that it reflects the insights gained over the past years.” – Abbot John Klassen, April of 2002


“We need to be aware of those ways in which we unwittingly undermine the clarity and significance of our monastic witness.” – Abbot John Klassen, April of 2002


View Abbot Klassen’s Entire Memo as a PDF… Here

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