Regarding Father Anthony “Tony” Oelrich


In 1992, Father Anthony Joseph Oelrich graduated from the Saint John’s School of Theology•Seminary in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA). Arrested February 13, 2018

Additional information about Father Tony Olerich:

St. Cloud Police Department Police Reports – January 5, 2017  (PDF)

“She and Father Tony became friends and Father Tony told her that he was in love with another woman.”

“In November of 2015, Father Tony was sent to St. Luke’s for what they stated was a mental health break.”

Diocese of Saint Cloud Web Page
Continuing Education for Clergy – February 13, 2018 

Rev. Tony Oelrich, Director

Christ Church Newman Center Web Page – February 13, 2018 (Link)

Father Tony joined us in 2007.  Fr. Tony also serves as the Director of Continuing Education for clergy in the St. Cloud Diocese.  A native of Milaca, Fr. Tony was ordained on his birthday and has served our diocese for over 20 years. He enjoys following the Twins and can talk sports with the best of them. ​​​​​

Sexual Abuse Message Board – July 13, 2006 (PDF)

He is in an ongoing relationship of over 10 years duration with one woman, her children have watched the inappropriate and hypocritical behavior for that long. Three out of five of the kids want nothing to do with the RC, two out of five have had severe emotional problems. The bishop KNOWS he has a problem on his hands.

National Federation of Priests’ Councils – September 5, 2014   (Link)

Fr. Oelrich shares many lessons in this article. One of the most poignant is, “I don’t do it alone. I can’t do it alone. We––the staff, lay leaders, parishioners––are in this together. And what we do ultimately will be judged by how the Gospel prospers among us and equips us for discipleship in the world.”

Author “A Church Fully Engaged.” (Link)

Fr. Tony Oelrich, pastor of the Newman Center and rector of Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Saint Cloud. He is pictured here with Ann Jonas, Saint John’s University Bookstore Manager and his book, “A Church Fully Engaged.”

“The Eyes May Finally See” – June 10, 2015  (Available on Request)

At the start of June 1992 Father Tony Oelrich, newly ordained, replaced Father Taufen. [Editor’s note: I wrestle with whether to call him “Father Tony” (as he was known to parishioners) in this narrative or simply “Oelrich”—as a tacit way of dismissing his clergy status. He seemingly dismissed the sanctity of his vows almost immediately, but I will refer to him as “Father Tony” nonetheless, because using his priestly title here makes the contradiction between his priestly office and vows and his repeated behavior unbearable—as it should be.]  – 


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