A prayer request


30th Sunday in Ordinary Time / 22nd Sunday after Pentecost
Feast of Sts. Simon & Jude, Apostles & Martyrs (Anglican Calendar)

Bryan forwarded me an email he received from a friend of his earlier today on a particular matter that is causing me grief even though I’m halfway across the world. I share in the pain and questioning that is undoubtedly going on at the moment in this community.

The ministry exercised by the monks at Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN has been a blessing to me in my Benedictine walk with Christ (Liturgical Press has been a godsend). Over the past few weeks, the path I’ve trodden has definitely been a hard slog (for reasons I won’t go into currently).

Getting the forwarded email from Bryan and then reading the official abbey statement has been difficult for me as I consider myself to be an unofficial “Johnnie” from the other side of the world.

My prayers go out for this monastic community and the prior (the 2IC in the monastic community after the abbot), Fr. Tom Andert during this time of profound despondency and questioning as well as the person who has made the allegation against Fr. Tom. According to Bryan’s friend, the monks there have been quite despondent and that lauds and vespers over the past couple of days has been very tough for all.

Unreservedly and unquestioningly, I deplore sexual abuse of any kind by any member of the clergy (irrespective of whether they are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc, etc) against a minor or one who is over the legal age.

I pray for the truth behind this situation to be exposed and if anything is found to have actually happened, that justice be done. Lastly, may God have mercy on us all and that after this is resolved, that healing amongst all that have had to endure this period of trial may begin.

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