Abbot Klassen Poses with Two Perpetrators


All eight of the, momentarily, “in-the-country” CSB/SJU [College of St. Benedict-Saint John’s University] Oblate Candidates (“OCs”) gathered on Saturday, March 3, for their first mini-retreat or Day of Reflection.

Fr. Francisco Schulte, Abbot John Klassen and Fr. Allen Tarlton, with 2001 Pilot Oblate Group.

Father Francisco Schulte, OSB, directing the retreat at the request of Oblate Director Father Allen Tarlton, OSB, was duly impressed to welcome all of the OCs –ahead of time– for the monastic community’s 11:30 AM Eucharist. (No small sacrifice for college students who usually enjoy sleeping-in on a Saturday morning.) The OCs attended the Eucharist as a group and afterwards dined with the monks in the monastic refectory at the invitation of Abbot John Klassen, OSB. (A number of the OCs were overheard commenting that they might actually see themselves as monks of Saint John’s Abbey if they could be perpetually guaranteed the same amount and quality of food.)

Collegiate Oblate Candidate’s Inagurate Lenten Mini-Retreat

May – June 2001 (Vol. 5, No. 3)

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