Anniversary for Abducted Student throws Long Shadows on Dying Benedictine Monastery


The fading Monastery, Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville has been the home of many revolutionaries both political and cultural. Its numbers have been, predictably, declining steadily over the years, perhaps owing to this singular but all-too-common fact that Catholic religious orders, in so far as they have departed from the vision of their founders, are dying. It shouldn’t take a sociological study to know that the students who matriculate from the college know nothing of the School’s proclaimed religious affiliation when they leave, and if they were Catholic to begin with, many are not by the time they do depart with a diploma in their hand on the way to success and family.

In the mechanics of espionage there is no better cover than a monastery or a pastorage. There have been many suspicious figures in St. John’s history, who’ve either been involved supporting insurgencies against American interests in Central America, putting on disgracefully vulgar plays like Vagina Monolouges at the neighboring women’s college, St. Benedict, or featuring irreligious works by Bauhaus architects at great expense and atheistic calligraphers for 30 pieces of silver. From Vatican Peritus, Father Godfrey Diekman (Reformer, Revolutionary), Br. Frank Kacmarcik (artist), Fr. Virgil Michel (Social Reformer, Philosopher, Liturgist), late Senator Eugene McCarthy (Liberal opponent of Vietnam War), reclusive artist Fr. Jerome Tupa there are an entire host of suspicious and curious individuals both past and present working toward the emasculation of American Civilization and Religion.

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