Father Bruce Wollmering Dies, Room Searched


Wollmering’s room searched by County officials.

Wollmering’s Victim Count Now 6

Father Wollmering’s obituary references his “retirement” from his position as teacher and counselor at St. John’s University.

Wollmering was accused of misconduct early in 2003. It has been learned that he took a leave of absence but did not “retire” from SJU until 2004.

Abbot John Klassen did not notify the University staff or students (in part or in whole) because of the effect that the information might have on SJU’s capital campaign.

When the Abbey finally announced in 2006 that Wollmering was on restriction, spokesperson William Skudlarek made no reference to the allegations which led to Wollmering’s forced leave of absence. Instead, spokesperson Skudlarek told of “sexual misconduct early in the 1980’s”.

It is believed that Wollmering had been involved with students as far back as the mid-1970’s, possibly before. The Abbey knew, in 2004, that Wollmering was involved with students as recently as 2001.

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