Fr. Wollmering’s Misconduct


In 1969, Fr. Bruce Wollmering O.S.B from St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA) abused a 14 year old St. John’s Preparatory student.

Between 1975 and 1980, Wollmering had relationships with at least three of his students.

Between 1984-1986, through his “role of psychologist, counselor and/or spiritual advisor,” Wollmering “deceived” Doe into “engaging in sexual contact with him under the guise of providing religious instruction and emotional counseling.” [ View ]

In the summer of 1990, a St. John’s University student was fondled and propositioned by Wollmering.

In 2001, Wollmering told a St. John’s University graduate that he was in love with one of his students.

On at least three occasions, the last occurring in approximately 2002, Wollmering took a student skinny dipping.

In approximately 2002, Wollmering bragged about taking a student to the monks’ cabin. Wollmering also said that the student had trouble holding his liquor. The incident was not reported by a University employee, for fear of retaliation.

In 2002, Wollmering engaged in misconduct with one of his students. The misconduct continued into 2003. The student filed a complaint which led to Wollmering’s resignation from his teaching/counseling duties. Wollmering would claim later that the victim was “troubled” and had “issues” and that he (Wollmering) engaged in nothing more than “locker room talk.” [ View ]

Wollmering’s Partial Timeline of Misconduct
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