Letter from Michael Bik to Oblates


Dear Oblates of St. John’s:

Many, many thanks for your generous gifts—both from the summer and now from your
Advent Retreat—that I can put to use to buy flowers & other décor for the Abbey Retirement
Center Chapel & Dining Room. With your assistance, I’ve been able to make these
areas a little “homier” these past years. These men have put in many years of service to
our Schools & Parishes as well as to the Abbey at large, and it means a lot to have a nice
place to live, eat and pray in.I will ask them to remember you in their prayers and
Masses, and be assured of the same from me.

May you have a Blessed Lenten Season, and may this year bring you many happy days.

Peace in the Spirit of St. Benedict,

Fr Michael Bik, OSB,
Abbey Refectorian

Volume 52, Number 1 Newsletter of the Oblates of Saint John’s Abbey Winter 2008

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