Licari’s Letter to Community


Office of the Prior

Dear friend,

As you are aware because of reports in the media, monks who have been members of the Preparatory School faculty have been accused of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of former students. We, as a monastic community, are deeply pained by these allegations, and particularly by the harm any sexual abuse has caused victims.

I am enclosing a copy of a statement released by the monastic community as well as a copy of Saint John’s Abbey’s procedures for dealing with cases of sexual abuse and exploitation. I want to take this opportunity to affirm both statements, and to assert my firm commitment to take every possible step to assure that this campus is a safe environment for all.

All of us at Saint John’s Abbey as well as the Preparatory School staff have appreciated your concern, support and compassion. We need your friendship during these difficult days. Please remember us in your prayers as we will continue to remember you in ours.

Very sincerely,

Father Jonathan Licari, O.S.B.
October 22, 1992



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