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Below are excerpts from the Camp Foley Newsletters from 1963 to 1969. Michael W Weber worked at Camp Foley from 1963 to 1968 and attended an alumni function in 1969.

Weber’s Roles at Camp Foley:

1963… Assistant in Riflery
1964… Trip Assistant
1965… Trip Director
1966… Trip Director
1967… General Assistant & Trip Director
1968… Director in charge of Sioux & Tripping Activities

Excerpts from the Camp Foley Newsletters

May, 1963

Assisting him will be Mike Weber of Foley, Minn. Who will also help in trips. Mike attends the Crosier seminary in Onamia, Minn.

October, 1963

By Saturday evening most of the staff had departed. with some leaving Sunday morning, the exceptions being Mike Weber who took the sisters back to Crookston, Tim Porter who remained for a Week at the family cabin next to the camp, and Harvey whose big job was to prepare the Roster.

December, 1963

New strands of grass will be taking root in the paths leading from the Pavilion to the target-carriers – – paths worn bare by the happy footsteps of Johnny Decoursey and Ed Griffith, of Fred Thompson and Mike Weber, of many excited campers who have been anxious to see if you really were able to “Shoot the Bull with Art”.

February, 1964

In tripping Ted Nutting will return for his fourth summer and Mike Weber for his second season.

March, 1965

Heading the trip program this season will be Mike Weber of Foley, Minnesota. It will be Mike’s third season with us. His chief assistant will be Jack Regan of Minneapolis, a second year man.

June, 1965

The activity really gets underway on the 10th of June when six trip staff members arrive for a special five day training session under trip director, Mike Weber.

October 1965

Mike Weber, St. John’s Seminary, CoIlegeville, Minn

March, 1966
Mike Weber of Foley, Minnesota a four-year veteran staff member will have his entire trip staff returning, Jack Regan of Minneapolis, John Timmons from Ames, Iowa, Steve Stedman, Fort Dodge, Iowa and Ken Boyack Of Sauk Center, Minnesota.

January, 1967

Mike Weber is studying for the St. Cloud diocesan priesthood at St. John’s University while Mike Musty is on the same campus in business administration.

March, 1967

Old Staff members in attendance [at Twin Cities Camp Reunion] included Jay Ronello, Gary Felland, Harvey Klevar, Betty Beard, George Merrill, Bob McCormick, Mike Weber, Tom Wenner, and John Winter.

April, 1967

Mike Weber of Foley, Minnesota and a seminarian at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minn. will be back for his fifth year. Mike’s job will be a bit different from the past as trip director although he will still be involved with tripping on a part time basis. There is a new project in the offing that we will tell you about at a future date. Surprises are in store for both Mike and the campers!

October, 1967

This year tripping that Foley was quite different. Mike (Flip) Weber, Tom Maus, Pat Mitchell and Glenn(Pierre LeGarge) Lipskey, super Canadian, running the program the boats and canoes of Foley ranged far and wide – from Ossawinnamakee Lake to Silver Falls in Canada. Many campers found the new experience of tripping both enjoyable and memorable.

March, 1968

Mike Weber will return for his sixth year with a very new and special job assignment, besides assistant program director. Mike will be directing a special program for the boys of Kadikomeg-Shingwako (14 to 16 year olds) that will be separate from the regular camp program designed to give this age group the special interests and challenges that they need, including more out of camp events.

May, 1968

For the older boys 14-16 in cabins, we will have a program completely separate from the rest of the camp Shingwako and Kadikomeg under the direction of Mike Weber, a six-year staff veteran who skills and experience prints just about every field of camp and never. The program will not be rigidly structured, and will permit activities as situations and weather permit.

March, 1969

Ice glazed roads marked the Twin City reunion on January 26 as around 50 campers, parents, and staff slid to St. Thomas for the afternoon. Father Tim Power and Mike Weber slid a little too far and smash their cars enroute. Although Mike’s was a total loss neither Mike nor Father Tim were injured, fortunately.

March, 1969

We are sorry that Mike Weber will be unable to make this his seventh summer at camp, but the Bishop has other ideas for him.

March, 1970

Off with a splash was the Foley Twin Cities Reunion as our campers took command of the O’Shaughnessy Hall Pool at St. Thomas College on Sunday, February 1st while other campers, parents, and staff watched the activity from the gallery.

Staff members present were Denny Griebel, Bill Lehmkuhl, Jack Shaaf, Mike Weber, Jim Cota, Tom Leacock, John Lebens, and John Longtin.

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