Mr. Marker is an honorable man (Opinion)


Mr. Marker is an honorable man who did the honorable thing which of course raises the question as to where do Chairman Baraga and the rest of the board stand on this issue. I wish the Times would do the kind of investigative journalism they and the St. Joe Leader did on the allegations of horrifying sexual abuse by numerous Abbey members in the early 90’s.

It doesn’t appear that things have changed much since then in spite of masterful PR spin by the Abbey. Also, what Father Skudlarek means when he says that they wish they had known earlier what they know now about sexual abuse is reference to the Abbeys attempt to lay the blame for this fiasco on the steps of the treatment facilities that failed to either know about and/or tell the Abbey that these perps were not going to change and that they continued to be dangerous. On the positive side we can look forward to Mr. Marker restarting his Website which was the only beacon of truth about the suffering of children at St. Johns.

Maeve from Sligo
Posted: Aug 19, 2006 at 7:21 AM

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