Notice to NCYC Alumnae and Parents/Guardians


It grieves us deeply to inform you that a minor who participated in the recently-concluded National Catholic Youth Choir (NCYC) summer camp has made a serious report alleging misconduct by an adult associated with the camp.

You are being notified of the report, because you are either an adult alumnus of NCYC or the parent/guardian of a minor child who participated in the NCYC during the period the adult employee has been affiliated with the NCYC. The report involves communications and photographs of a sexual nature that allegedly occurred in 2018. Following receipt of the report, the employee was placed on a leave of absence. It is our understanding that the employee has denied the allegations.

Both the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office and Stearns County Human Services were promptly informed about the report. An investigation by the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department is underway and we are cooperating fully. Giventhe serious nature of the allegation, the investigation into the report may expand; participants in NCYC camps and their families may be contacted by legal authorities.

On behalf of the NCYC, I want you to know that we are taking this matter very seriously and are committed to reaching out to any potential victims. In cases like this, our primary concerns are to care for any potential victims and to ensure that concerns of improper conduct are reported to the authorities.  If you are the parent/guardian of a minor who participated in the NCYC, we encourage you to talk with your child about this report. If you have concerns that any NCYC participant may have experienced an act of abuse or other inappropriate behavior, we encourage you to report your concerns to the NCYC and to government authorities.

If you have questions or concerns or would like assistance in making a report to government authorities, please contact me at or at (320) 363-3233. You can also contact the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office directly through Mark Mix at 320-259-3737.

Finally, we are attempting to reach all NCYC alumni and parents/guardians of NCYC minors who might have concerns to share or need support.  If you know of an adult alumnus or a parent/guardian of a minor that participated in the NCYC with you or your child that has not received this email, please ask them to contact me using the email address or phone number set out above.

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