Regarding Rev. Dominic Keller


This guy [Father Dominic Keller] was my speech teacher in [the early 60’s] and told me I needed special “breathing lessons”. We met at his office and he had a table there where he had me lie down, pants unbuckled with a mirror in front of me so I could see my chest and stomach. He stood behind the mirror and gave me words to say and I was to watch my stomach/diaphragm and he’d correct my breathing.

The pants had to come down a bit “so you can see yourself better”. I could tell by his breathing he was masturbating–I couldn’t see him because of the mirror. There was no genital touching but he did touch my lower stomach area.

[Webmaster’s Note: Source requested anonymity. Information was provided via email and a phone conversation. Father Dominic Keller was a drama coach and professor from 1926 to 1973. He was also a member of the Associate Board of Trustees. Keller died in 1978.]
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