SJP Teacher Removed – Open Letter to Staff and Parents


SJP Staff and Parents,

Last week I received a tip which read:

“… keep an eye in the news for [teacher’s name], up until two weeks ago she was a teacher of Spanish at St.Johns Prep. Released suddenly with “internal” investigation she was having sex with a current student.”

Sure enough, the school’s web site has been scrubbed of this employee’s presence, minus a promotional video in which they remain prominently featured.

This past week, I spoke with two brave staff members who told me that this teacher is no longer at the school following an alleged “incident” with a student that was reported “about two weeks ago”. One of the staff members said that the school’s parents have not been contacted regarding the alleged incident.

Parents, you have now been contacted.

The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office has also been contacted. If you have any additional information regarding misconduct at the Prep School, please contact the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office at 320-251-4240.

Many staff members and students are not aware of the history of sexual misconduct at St. John’s Prep School. I was a victim in 1982 and 1983, as were many of my friends. I have a database of over 300 victims and 100+ alleged perpetrators. Among them, Fr. Tom Andert, a prep school graduate who paid special attention to his alum friends’ children.

Monks like Fr. Jonathan Licari and Br. Paul-Vincent Niebauer and most of all, Abbot John Klassen, have consistently toed the company line, putting the needs and mental health of victims second. I blame them for my removal from campus during lunch at my 30 year class reunion in 2013.

Google it.

You’ll also find that the current abbot at St. John’s Abbey has also faced misconduct allegations.

Dozens and dozens of allegations have been settled over the years. Eight more, in the last two years, that I know of.

In 2023, seven former Prep School students who were abused settled against the Order of St. Benedict, St. John’s Abbey and Abbot John Klassen.

In 2022, another settlement was reached… against the Order of St. Benedict, St. John’s Abbey, Saint John’s Prep School, Abbot John Klassen and Saint John’s University. This involved a former monk who was victimized by an older monk. The worst part… Abbot Klassen claimed that the abbey was no longer the “right fit” for the young monk after he was victimized.

On Monday, as you plan to come to work – or send your children to school – remember that this community has a long history of compromise. Your students and children are part of a community that has been lied to… for decades.

Please become part of the solution and require true and full transparency.

Patrick J Marker (SJP ’83)

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