July 2008 Update


Three new names added to “The List”: Othmar Hohmann, Cyril Gorman, Anthony Ruff

Regarding Bruce Wollmering… we have received information regarding harassment claims against Wollmering and his dismissal from the University. The Abbey and University allegedly covered up the harassment claims, failed to report the claims to the proper authorities and allowed Wollmering to stay on as an instructor, then resign at the end of the semester. Wollmering has also allegedly admitted to relationships with at least three university students.

Regarding Father Tom Andert… a new victim has come forward. The abuse allegedly occurred in the late 70’s while the minor victim was a student at St. John’s Preparatory School in Collegeville, MN. Abbot John Klassen refuses to return phone calls or emails. As a result, the new allegations will be posted on this site in the near future. We feel that Father Tom Andert should resign as prior of the abbey.

Regarding Abbot John Klassen… we are deeply troubled by the Abbot’s decision to not send a letter to the alumni regarding the allegations against Michel Bik and Bruce Wollmering because of the effect that such a letter might have on the university’s capital campaign. Now that the capital campaign is over, we are calling on the abbot to notify all potential victims of Michael Bik, Bruce Wollmering, and all of the monk offenders.

Regarding Jonathon Licari… why did Licari resign from the External Review Board after serving just a few short months?

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