Abuser on Gagliardi’s Staff After Abuse Revelation


A July, 1992 letter from Father Dan Ward (monk and attorney for Saint John’s Abbey) claimed that Brother John Kelly “had been removed from his work at the prep school and the university” following allegations of sexual misconduct.  Contents of the letter were made public as part of an article in the August 27, 1992, edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune [ View ].

Nine years later, in 2001, Brother John Kelly was still making “significant contributions” to the Saint John’s University (and the College of Saint Benedict) sports programs. According to a Fall, 2001 issue of the Abbey Banner (“Monks as Players, Coaches, Chaplains and Fans” View ) Brother John “transports athletes from the College of Saint Benedict and SJU all over the Midwest.”

The athletes included Johnnie football players.


At least nine individuals have alleged sexual misconduct by Brother John Kelly. Allegations include fondling, masturbation and oral sex.

In March of 2011, Abbot John Klassen released the names of eighteen monks with credible allegations of sexual misconduct [ View ]. Brother John Kelly’s name was on that list.

The athletic director in 2001 was Jim Smith, who also served as the university’s basketball coach. In March of 2003, Jim Smith found out that one of his own players was a victim of misconduct by a monk from Saint John’s Abbey [ View ]. According to a university email, Jim Smith was “very upset” about the misconduct.

Father Dan Ward has also been accused of misconduct [ View].


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