Contact With Gary Schoener and the WICC?


If you or one of your family members contacted Gary Schoener or one of his associates at the Walk-In Counseling Service in Minneapolis and they 1) in any manner dissuaded you from pursuing therapy or action against Saint John’s Abbey and/or  2) they requested your medical or therapy records and/or  3) you did not receive additional support from Saint John’s Abbey, please consider contacting an attorney, the Minnesota Board of Psychology and/or using the feedback link (above).


In May of 2006, Saint John’s Abbey urged “those who have been abused or know someone who has been abused to call Gary Schoener, victim advocate for St. John’s Abbey.” [View]

In April of 2011 a letter [ View ] from St. John’s Abbey mentions Gary Schoener and the WICC as a “confidential” and “independent” resource for victims:

To be of assistance to victims we have contracted with the Walk-In
Counseling Service in Minneapolis. This resource is free of charge,
accessible by phone 24 hours a day, confidential, and independent of
Saint John’s. The Walk-In Counseling Service Center (WICC)
( can be accessed by contacting WICC af 1-612-870-0565
or 24-hour voicemail 1-612-573-5026 and stating your connection to
Saint John’s. Please ask for Mr. Gary Schoener for assistance. This
service can make all the difference for those who wish to reach out
for help. A person does not have to feel alone; help is available. If
you would like to speak to someone about these issues, please contact
the WICC for assistance.


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