Father Allen Tarlton Chronology


Father Allen Tarlton aka “Father Gilbert” and “Huggy Bear”

Formal Complaints: Nine

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Father Allen “Gilbert” Tarlton

Born December 4, 1927
Professed July 11, 1949
Ordained June 4, 1955


Elementary         Cincinnati Public (Cincinnati, OH)
Elementary         Holy Trinity Catholic (Cincinnati, OH)
High School        Woodward Public High School (Cincinnati, OH)
High School        Saint John’s Prep (Class of 1948)
College                BA Philosophy (SJU – 1952)
College                MA Divinity (SJU – 1955)

1953-1958 Saint John’s Prep English Teacher

1955 “Repeated Sexual Contact” with Prep Student

1958 Two students (Victims 1 & 2) complain about sexual contact with Tarlton
Abbot Baldwin Dworschak removes Tarlton from the Prep School

1958-1962 Saint John’s University English Professor

1960 Treatment at St. Mary’s in Rochester, MN (Sexuality Issues)

1963 Living in Minneapolis

Claims to be studying at University of Minnesota

1964-1965 St. Augustine’s College (Nassau) English Professor

1965 Removed from Bahamas

1965 Letter: Tarlton admits that he lied about classes at U of M

1965 Treatment at Seton Psychological Institute in Baltimore, MD

1966 Discussions regarding laicization

July, 1967 Still in Treatment (Baltimore)

1967-1968 St. Augustine’s College (Nassau) English Professor

Early, 1968 Drunken incident (with Scotch bottle) in Bahamas

Early, 1968 Removed from Bahamas. Supervisor: “This is a sick, dangerous man”

March, 1968 Letter re leaving Bahamas

1968 Hamilton County Welfare Department (Archdiocese of Cincinnati)

1969 St. Mark’s Church (Cincinnati, Ohio) Associate Pastor

1972 Lead Pastor: Tarlton doesn’t work, he “justs sits and smokes”

1972 Holy Cross School in Louisville, KY

1973-1990 Saint John’s Prep English Teacher; Prefect

1977 Changes his name from Allen Berry to Allen Tarlton

1979 Fr. Otto Weber reports Tarlton to Abbot Theisen (“sexual contact with students”)

1979 Hazelden (12/7/79 – 1/7/1980) “Sexuality Issues”

1980 Paracletes (1/7/80 – )

1982-1983 Treatment at St. Luke Institute

1983 Father John Klassen (now Abbot) assigned as Tarlton’s spiritual director

Sep, 1985 Mother (Ruth Smith) Dies

Sum, 1986 Conducts Oblate Retreat

Sum, 1988 Celebrates Mass for Summer Leadership Camp

June, 1990 Victim #3 comes forward to Abbey (Abuse in 19??)

Sum, 1991 Guest at Tokyo Priory

July, 1992 Summer Retreat: “The Steadfast Hope That Does Not Disappoint”

July, 1992 Attended National Black Catholic Congress VII in New Orleans

Oct, 1992 Victim #4 Complaint Filed (Abuse in 1982) (Video)

1994 Administers Spiritual Life Program

Sum, 1995 Conducts Oblate Retreat

Sum, 1996 Group Leader: Benedictine Days of Prayer

1996-1997 Treatment at St. Luke’s Institute

1994-2002 Saint John’s Abbey Assistant Guestmaster

1995-1997 Saint John’s Abbey Ass’t Director of Oblates

1996-1997 Treatment at St. Luke’s Institute

1997-2002 Saint John’s Abbey Director of Oblates

Sum, 2000 Travels to Rome

June, 2002 Victim #5 Complaint (Abused in 1985)

June, 2002 Victim #6 Complaint (Abused in 1981)

July, 2002 Victim #7 Complaint (Abused in 1975)

2011 or 2012 Victim #8 Complaint (Abused in 1981 & 82)

Jun, 2013 Victim #9 Complaint (Abused in 1977) (Article)

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