Johnnie portrays poor first impression


“Don’t go here, this place is a shithole”

Dear Editor,

Last week, I was walking to the Ref. for my 2:40 class when I heard a Johnnie yell at a prospective student, “Don’t go here, this place is a shithole,” as he was walking into Tommie Hall. Not only did I feel embarrassed for the admission guide, but also couldn’t believe the lack of respect this student had for our school.

Seriously, is this what you think of this campus? If so, pack up your bags and get on a one-way bus to St. Thomas. I hope you are the only Johnnie on this campus with those feelings, because I would hate to think there were more of you.

Your actions embarrass our schools — especially when we are trying to get students to come here. Tuition too high or buildings not up-to-date? Blame idiots like yourself for chasing away students — students whose parents might think the same and do something or start a movement with the school. I walked into my 2:40 telling this story and they had one word to say: asshole.

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Johnnie portrays poor first impression
By: Jason Kaiser – SJU Junior

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