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Former Monk’s Novel… How Much is Fiction?

During the final seconds of his life Jorge Blanco’s past appears as a spiraled succession of images on a dynamic canvas. Deluded by the conviction of a religious vocation and motivated by the desire to escape his troubled home life, … Continue reading

Father Paul Marx Forced Out (Autobiography)

In 1980 the authorities at St. John’s Abbey and St. John’s University, by underhanded means, forced Father Marx to leave Collegeville and his Human Life Center and carry on his pro-life work elsewhere. The full story of this persecution is … Continue reading

Johnnie portrays poor first impression

“Don’t go here, this place is a shithole”

St. John’s Abbey… on Monk Sexuality

We believe that human sexual orientation, both heterosexual and homosexual, is blessed by God as part of the original blessing of creation. We reject any suggestion that God withholds his blessings from some parts of his creation… We believe that … Continue reading

Pahrump Resident Heads Group for Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse

In 2002, Pahrump resident Rita Prince heard some shocking news from her sister. Their 18-year-old brother Patrick Ryan, who hung himself in a jail cell in 1969, had been undergoing psychiatric counseling after being drugged and raped by a Catholic … Continue reading

Dear Abbey

Cruising along Interstate 94 near St. Cloud, motorists often spot a giant slab of concrete jutting upward amid the Stearns County fields.

Agents reviewing Abbey’s records

Authorities investigating the 1989 abduction of Jacob Wetterling are reviewing records of 11 monks under restrictions at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minn.