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Klassen: Allegation against Andert is unsubstantiated

(SC Times) Allegations of sexual abuse against the former prior of St. John’s Abbey have been found to be unsubstantiated, according to Abbot John Klassen.

Abuse allegations ‘unsubstantiated’ against former St. John’s Abbey prior

(MPR) Sexual abuse allegations against the former prior at St. John’s Abbey were found to be unsupported after a 6-month investigation, Abbey officials said Thursday.

Questionable Data Used as Basis for Prep School Press Release

Headmaster Father Jonathan Licari, OSB and Saint John’s Preparatory School reportedly use five anonymous online reviews as basis for a glowing press release.

Your Turn: Abbey charts right path for Catholics

[Webmaster’s Note: The author appears to be yet another of the abbey’s puppets, speaking not from experience but from text provided by a compromised leadership. Can Mr. Frey name five of the 240+ victims, five of the 40+ alleged perpetrators … Continue reading

Former fire-eating circus performer finds new calling as St. John’s monk

COLLEGEVILLE — A fire-eating monk isn’t something visitors to St. John’s University see every day. After all, not many monks have a circus background.

St. John’s Abbey vocations increasing; 13 men in formation

Brother Eric Pohlman, a 29-year-old junior monk at the abbey, first heard about St. John’s through seeing the abbey church in a book about architecture. A native of Delphos, Ohio, he felt called to Benedictine living and sought out St. … Continue reading

An Update from Abbot John Klassen

[Webmaster’s Note: Abbot John Klassen is deliberately misleading the Saint John’s community with this latest update regarding Abbot Timothy Kelly. ISTI was, and continues to be, a public relations tool created by Saint John’s in the wake of numerous allegations … Continue reading

Alum: No Support for Saint John’s

We have stopped giving to St. John’s because of the ongoing abuse scandal there. I realize that the administration has claimed that everything has been handled but that is not the case.

Saint John’s Abbey Statement Regarding Abbot Timothy Kelly

The Abbey was saddened and shocked to learn of allegations of sexual abuse in the mid-60s against one of its deceased members, Abbot Timothy Kelly. In accordance with its Policy, Saint John’s Abbey has begun an investigation of the accusation.

Monastery technology spikes novice interest

“The first thing I tell the men coming in is the information about the past cases,” Niebauer said. “I don’t want them to be blind-sided or to present something that is other than what it is. They appreciate that, and … Continue reading

More Lies, BS from Abbot Klassen

“I want to assure you that I am doing everything I possibly can to be open and transparent…” – Abbot John Klassen, Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA) “Bullshit!” – Patrick Marker, Webmaster,

Abbot Klassen Email Regarding WCCO News

Dear Members of Saint John’s and Saint Benedict’s Communities, We have received word via a teaser on WCCO last evening (Wednesday, April 27) that there will be a segment on tonight’s 10:00 PM program which may relate to sexual misconduct … Continue reading

Misconduct in St. Joseph, MN

When Fr. Thomas Gillespie was yanked from the church on February 23, 1996, replacement priest Fr. Dan Ward and Abbot Timothy Kelly refused to provide an honest answer — the real reason — for Fr. Gillespie’s removal. According to the … Continue reading

Misconduct, Deception and a Missing Student

In March of 2003, a flurry of emails circulated around the St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota. A month earlier, a student-athlete brought allegations of misconduct against his professor, Father Bruce Wollmering, to the attention of his coach and … Continue reading

Time to Eliminate ISTI and FCLR

The Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute (“ISTI”) was, and continues to be a public relations tool for St. John’s in Collegeville, Minnesota.  Further, its leadership, including (former) Abbot Timothy Kelly, Br. Dietrich Reinhart, Fr. Roman Paur and (current) Abbot John Klassen have … Continue reading

Abbot Timothy Kelly and Others Deceived, Outright Lied

I debated writing anything for weeks, because of not wanting to join one “side” — what was always best about ISTI was the intention to include all voices — but having perused your website pretty thoroughly, I don’t find anything … Continue reading

Abbey Uses Timothy Kelly’s Obituary to Rewrite History

Recent obituaries in the StarTribune [ View ] and on the Abbey web site [ View ] include information (and revisionist history) regarding the abuse scandal at St. John’s. Shame on the Abbey for using Timothy Kelly’s death as a … Continue reading

What if the Church’s own rules applied to it?

As we have recently been forcibly reminded, the Roman Catholic Church holds it better for the cries of raped and violated children to be ignored, and for the excuses and alibis of their rapists and torturers indulged, and for a … Continue reading

Abbey Counsel’s Statement Removed After Two Days

According to an email sent by Aaron Raverty on August 2nd: “In our continuing effort to be responsible and to clarify our position and use of terminology, the abbey’s response team, in cooperation with legal counsel, has written this “Statement … Continue reading

Alum Withholding Donations Over Abuse Scandal

I have been wanting to write a letter to both SJU and CSB to let them know how I feel; that I intend to withhold any donations; that I will never intend to send my children there, and that I … Continue reading