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Abbey Now Admits to 23 Monk Perpetrators

Saint John’s Abbey quietly admitted, via a revamped web site in the summer of 2012, that at least 23 members of its community had been credibly accused of sexual abuse or misconduct.

SJU Employee Admits to Threat

I briefly spoke with Benson who indicated that he did write the Facebook post and indicated that he wrote this in response to the opinion posted by Marker in the St. Cloud Times. He identified John Gagliardi as his grandfather … Continue reading

Statement from Abbot John Klassen Regarding Timothy Kelly

Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation are morally reprehensible.  Saint John’s Abbey works honestly and openly with victims of sexual abuse and their attorneys to do all we can to correct the grievous wrongs that have been committed in the past … Continue reading

Monastery technology spikes novice interest

“The first thing I tell the men coming in is the information about the past cases,” Niebauer said. “I don’t want them to be blind-sided or to present something that is other than what it is. They appreciate that, and … Continue reading

More Lies, BS from Abbot Klassen

“I want to assure you that I am doing everything I possibly can to be open and transparent…” – Abbot John Klassen, Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA) “Bullshit!” – Patrick Marker, Webmaster,

Abbot Klassen Still Doesn’t Get It

An excerpt from an April 15, 2011 article [ View ] in the St. John’s University student newspaper regarding the recent “Listening Sessions” held by Abbot John Klassen: One audience member asked Klassen to address the website Behind the Pine Curtain, … Continue reading

St. John’s Names an Offender, 38 Years Later

The letter that St. John’s Abbey agreed to send to former St. Prep School students for whom the St. John’s alumni office had current addresses (approximately 64% of graduates and 15% of non-graduates) went out this week. However, instead of … Continue reading

SJU Employee Regarding Klassen’s Email

I wanted to bring up something about the email [ View ] that was sent from the Abbot to Faculty/Staff/Students on April 12th. In Klassen’s attempt to be more open and honest about this situation they disabled forwarding and replying … Continue reading

Misconduct, Deception and a Missing Student

In March of 2003, a flurry of emails circulated around the St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota. A month earlier, a student-athlete brought allegations of misconduct against his professor, Father Bruce Wollmering, to the attention of his coach and … Continue reading

Abbey Counsel’s Statement Removed After Two Days

According to an email sent by Aaron Raverty on August 2nd: “In our continuing effort to be responsible and to clarify our position and use of terminology, the abbey’s response team, in cooperation with legal counsel, has written this “Statement … Continue reading

Nick Coleman dumped by SJU

“As long as St. John’s has this man on the payroll, I will no longer give my money to St. John’s,” Busch wrote. “I will not support lies and false statements and half truths about anyone.” [Webmaster’s Note: This quote … Continue reading

Abbey Statement on Father Francisco Schulte

From that time through June of 2002, Father Francisco was living at Saint John’s Abbey with “prudent, non-risk” limitations on his ministry.

Monastic Celibacy East and West

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. — Liturgical Press recently published Demythologizing Celibacy: Practical Wisdom from Christian and Buddhist Monasticism by Father William Skudlarek OSB. In September 2007 the Abbot Primate appointed Father William, a monk of Saint John’s Abbey, General Secretary of Monastic … Continue reading

Abuse allegations shake St. John’s Abbey

From September, 2006: Pat Marker: “Extensive research shows more monks will be named and more victims will come forward.” Abbot Klassen: “That is totally an unfounded, false statement. I mean false”

Monk kept his job after claims

COLLEGEVILLE – A member of the St. John’s monastic community continued to work at St. John’s Preparatory School for five years after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Abbot who admitted to abuse dies

COLLEGEVILLE (AP) – The Rev. John Eidenschink, a former St. John’s abbot who admitted he sexually abused two abbey monks, has died.

Review boards work toward healing

In the wake of the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic church, diocese across the country have set up policy review boards. Two boards in central Minnesota are beginning their work, one at St. John’s Abbey and the other at … Continue reading

A Letter from Abbott John Klassen, O.S.B. ’67

Last June I pledged to you to do all in my power to lead Saint John’s monastic community through a period of healing and reconciliation, and all 183 of our confreres joined me in that pledge. Because you are an … Continue reading

Greetings in this Christmas Season and in the New Year!

In this season of hope, we once again prepare ourselves to show hospitality to Jesus, who is born into our world as the Christ and the Prince of Peace. “Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people … Continue reading

St. John’s Monk Takes Leave after Conduct Concerns

Brother Isaac Connolly, a former dean of students at St. John’s University, took a leave from the St. John’s Abbey after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced this spring, the campus community learned Wednesday.