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The Monk’s Message

“Not all the monks are guilty. A lot of them are really good people. Are you that retarded to think that all of them are guilty? You defame all of them by this website. You are a real asshole.  I … Continue reading

Feedback Regarding WR

I received your message but the email you provided doesn’t work.

Email re Withholding Alumni Donations

Good afternoon, I first came across your site a few years ago and found it extremely disturbing. I had Brother Isaac Connelly as my FR freshman year. Though I never experienced anything with him, I can’t say that I was … Continue reading

SJU Alum: No More Donations

Patrick, as a SJU alum from the 1960s, I commend your difficult but necessary work. The Abbey  is clearly unwilling to  “own” its crimes and shows little regard for those victimized. The abbot is unwilling to to be honest about … Continue reading

Recent Feedback

Below are several emails and feedback regarding this web site and Saint John’s Abbey’s handling of the issues related to misconduct by members of its community. “Without your website I believe I’d still be piled under tons of self-blame, guilt, depression, … Continue reading

Abbot Klassen Still Doesn’t Get It

An excerpt from an April 15, 2011 article [ View ] in the St. John’s University student newspaper regarding the recent “Listening Sessions” held by Abbot John Klassen: One audience member asked Klassen to address the website Behind the Pine Curtain, … Continue reading

Web Site Feedback… Damage

Know that I believe what you are doing with Behind the Pine Curtain is both courageous and absolutely imperative to help victims of this form of insidious abuse to realize a semblance of justice. I’d like to say health, but … Continue reading

Web Site Feedback

“I am compelled to thank you. For me to reach out like this and to act beyond fear is a testimony to the enormous healing I have recieved from your action, your website.  Expressing my gratitude seems so small, so … Continue reading