Abbot Klassen Still Doesn’t Get It


An excerpt from an April 15, 2011 article [ View ] in the St. John’s University student newspaper regarding the recent “Listening Sessions” held by Abbot John Klassen:

One audience member asked Klassen to address the website Behind the Pine Curtain, run by Patrick Marker, as many think this is the only source to find information regarding pending cases. “It’s a real thorn in our sides because the person who runs that has one agenda and that is to run St. John’s into the ground,” Klassen said.

On April 3, 2011, The Record published my letter to the editor. I wrote:

“I challenge the Abbot and the entire St. John’s community to address the problem directly. With no other solution in place, I created a web site to educate the public, hold St. John’s accountable and provide victims with a refuge.”

I went to mass at the abbey on Sunday, April 10, 2011. I was hoping to visit with the abbot after mass but he exited behind the altar. I sent him an email instead:

“Abbot John, I am in town for a few hours and can meet if you are interested. I offer you an opportunity to be a proactive leader. Recent information will cause great damage. As with last June… it’s your call.”

The abbot did not respond to my email. It is unfortunate because there are many issues to discuss and several problems to address. Sadly, the worst is yet to come.

Until he pledges full disclosure, this web site will continue to educate the public and hold St. John’s accountable. It will also provide a refuge for victims of abuse, misconduct and deception.

Recent emails support these efforts. [ View ]

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