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Abbey, Koopman Left Out

Saint John’s Bible to be featured on NBC

The Saint John’s Bible is scheduled to be featured on NBC’s Today show during the second hour (8-9 a.m. Central) on Wednesday, Oct. 19. Donald Jackson and Fr. Robert Koopmann, OSB, are scheduled to be guests to discuss the completion of the project.

Listen with the Ear of Your Heart

Brother Eric [Pohlman] grew up near Toledo, Ohio, attended college at the University of Dayton, and recently received his Masters in Building and Maintenance Engineering at Ohio State University.

The Saint John’s Bible: Final Pages Unveiled

“There were times when we thought this day would never come, but we’d absolutely do it again because it’s such a great work of both art and spirituality, and it’s capable of profoundly moving the people who use it and … Continue reading

Misconduct, Deception and a Missing Student

In March of 2003, a flurry of emails circulated around the St. John’s University campus in Collegeville, Minnesota. A month earlier, a student-athlete brought allegations of misconduct against his professor, Father Bruce Wollmering, to the attention of his coach and … Continue reading

St. Ben’s Susan Sink Regarding Women Priests

Today I went to a community Mass presided over by a Roman Catholic woman priest. These are women ordained as priests by male bishops or by women priests who were ordained by male bishops or, increasingly, women bishops. The important … Continue reading

Benedictine Sisters receive special edition of The Saint John’s Bible

( For 500 years, the Bible has been printed using printing presses and more recently, digital media. Before that, monks and nuns copied the Bible by hand. As a result we have those magnificent hand-lettered and illuminated bibles such as … Continue reading

The Illustrated Word

In 2002, under pressure of publicity and threatened lawsuits, the Abbey finally acknowledged “creditable accusations” of abuse – enacted over decades – against 13 monks. Anxious to keep the cases out of court, it negotiated a settlement with the victims’ … Continue reading

First Complete Handwritten, Benedictine Bible in 500 years

After more than two years of direct planning, Abbot Timothy Kelly of Saint John’s Abbey and Brother Dietrich Reinhart, President of Saint John’s University, jointly announced a project that envisions a complete, multi-volume, illuminated and handwritten Bible to be finished … Continue reading