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Benedictine Sisters receive special edition of The Saint John’s Bible

( For 500 years, the Bible has been printed using printing presses and more recently, digital media. Before that, monks and nuns copied the Bible by hand. As a result we have those magnificent hand-lettered and illuminated bibles such as … Continue reading

Brennan Maiers on the Loose

Brennan Maiers, pedophile priest from St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota was reportedly out in public (without supervision, again) on Wednesday July 14th.

St. John’s Abbey offers differing accounts on accused monk’s status

(SC Times) COLLEGEVILLE — St. John’s Abbey publications and newspaper articles from the 1990s on contradict the abbey’s own statement about the whereabouts and work history of the Rev. Francisco Schulte after the abbey received an allegation of sexual misconduct … Continue reading

Press Conference Scheduled

Announcement of a lawsuit to be filed on Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court against Collegeville, Minnesota-based St. John’s Preparatory School, St, John’s Abbey, the Order of St. Benedict and Father Raymond Francisco Schulte, a minister at the school. The … Continue reading


POR QUE: Ess el anuncio de una demanda por radicarse el martes en el juzgado del Distrito del Condado Ramsey contra St. John’s Preparatory School en Collegeville, Minnesota, la St. John’s Abbey, la Order of St. Benedict y el padre … Continue reading

Abbot John Klassen Relaxes Travel Restrictions

*** May 12, 2002: “Klassen said the Rev. Finian McDonald will not be allowed to travel this year to the Bahamas, where he has regularly spent several months each year at the abbey’s mission. McDonald ‘probably won’t’ go there ever … Continue reading

Fr. Allan Tarlton Travels to Oblate Meeting in Washington State

Br. Benet Tvedten, OSB, Oblate Director at Blue Cloud Abbey in South Dakota, has graciously permitted the editors of The Oblate to reprint his article on the recent Oblate Directors’ Biennial Meeting at St Martin’s Abbey in Lacey, Washington. Fr. Greg Miller, … Continue reading

Monastic Liturgy Forum (Dunstan Moorse)

Monastic Liturgy Forum – Discusses Paschal Triduum: Forty-two monastic liturgists from across the US gathered at St. Scholastica Monastery in Fort Smith, AR, August 17-20. Founded in 1988, this was the tenth national meeting of the Monastic Liturgy Forum.

Orders have let abusers remain

Abbot John Klassen has been praised for disclosing some monks’ misdeeds and criticized for allowing some to travel.

Abuser monks out of the ministry, still in jobs

Minnesota’s Catholic bishops returned from Dallas with an explicit mandate to deal with sex abusers in the clergy. The “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” binds bishops around the country to the same “one-strike” policy.

St. John’s Abbey let priests keep post after allegation

St. John’s Abbey was told in the late 1980s that the Rev. Richard Eckroth had allegedly sexually abused a boy years earlier.

Restricted Priests Still Travel

Restrictions on the movements of nine St. John’s Abbey priests accused of sexual abuse have not kept at least four of them from traveling to Rome, the abbey’s missions in the Bahamas and Japan, or elsewhere in Minnesota and other … Continue reading

Abuse in the Abbey Shocks Community

The revelation that a former St. John’s abbot committed sexual abuse in the 1970s rocked the local community this week and left the monastery in a state of shock.