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Serial killer Rivera still awaiting final judgment

Updates come in the mail every few months on letterhead from the Georgia attorney general’s office. But, they rarely say anything new the family of a slain army sargeant cares to hear about death row inmate Reinaldo Rivera.

PR man claims he was abused by priest

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A Puerto Rican man who claims he was sexually abused by a priest affiliated with a Minnesota abbey filed a lawsuit Monday against his alleged abuser and the religious order that runs the abbey.

Photos: San Antonio Abad

Two survivors of abuse by St.  John’s Abbey’s Fr. Raymond “Francisco” Schulte visited Colegio San Antonio Abad in Humacao, Puerto Rico on Sunday, May 1, 2011. Both men were abused by Fr. Schulte while attending the high school in the … Continue reading

Radican demanda federal contra religioso (Video)

(El Nuevo Dia) Dos abogados norteamericanos expertos en casos de abuso sexual contra menores radicaron en la mañana de ayer una demanda en el Tribunal Federal a nombre de un hombre de 46 años que, según adelantó este diario, alega … Continue reading

Recurso en Tribunal federal contra sacerdote y orden religiosa

(EL VOCERO) El sacerdote Raymond Francisco Schulte y la orden de San Benito, fueron demandados en el Tribunal federal por una alegada víctima de abuso sexual en el 1977 mientras estudiaba en el Colegio San Antonio Abad de Humacao.

PR man claims he was abused by priest

(AP) A Puerto Rican man who claims he was sexually abused by a priest affiliated with a Minnesota abbey filed a lawsuit Monday against his alleged abuser and the religious order that runs the abbey.

Puerto Rico suit accuses St. John’s Abbey monk of sexual abuse

(SC Times) SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A lawsuit filed Monday in a Puerto Rico court accuses a St. John’s Abbey monk of sexually abusing a teenager in 1978 at a boarding school in Humacao.

Demandan a ex capellán y Principal de colegio católico

SAN JUAN — Un ex estudiante del Colegio Católico San Antonio Abad de Humacao demandó por daños y perjuicios al ex capellán y Principal de la institución y por abusar sexualmente de él mientras era estudiante de octavo grado a … Continue reading

Lawsuit Filed in Puerto Rico (Video)

At a news conference this afternoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico, attorneys Jeff Anderson and Patrick Noaker announced that a lawsuit had been filed against a St. John’s Abbey monk Father Raymond “Francisco” Schulte, St. John’s Abbey and the Order … Continue reading

Raymond Schulte… San Antonio Abad, Class of ’71

Fr . Francisco Schulte, a monk/priest from St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (USA), has been accused of sexually abusing at least four students at Colegio San Antonio Abad (High School) in Humacao, Puerto Rico in the late 1970’s. Ray Schulte graduated … Continue reading

Fr. Francisco Schulte’s Timeline/Victims

Born: February 26, 1953 in Cincinnati, Ohio Professed: July 11, 1974 Ordained: January 19, 1979 Known Victims: 9 Age of Victims: 12-17 Location: Puerto Rico, Minnesota, North Carolina, Mexico

More History: San Antonio Abad

Equally significant was the year 1973, the year of the first novitiate which would include candidates for the brotherhood and the priesthood. Fr. Jaime Reyes, liturgist, teacher, and theologian, was put in charge of novices Raymond Schulte (from North Carolina), … Continue reading

A Partial History: St. John’s in Puerto Rico

This school, known as Escuela San Antonio Abad, opened in September 1950. It was a free school for one hundred boys of the region and offered academic courses and prevocational training in mechanics, carpentry, and agriculture.

St. John’s Abbey Monks in Humacao, Puerto Rico

Accused of Misconduct (in Puerto Rico): Roger Botz (1962-1967) Jerome Coller (1963-1965) Thomas Gillespie (1968-1975) Francisco Schulte (1977-1981) Zacheus Zuehlke (1977-1978)

Buscan víctimas por abuso sexual en Humacao

Los abogados Jeff Anderson y Patrick Noaker -conocidos por su cruzada en contra del abuso sexual de menores- ofrecerán detalles este lunes de una demanda incoada contra la orden religiosa de San Benito y un sacerdote norteamericano que alegadamente abusó … Continue reading

Second suit alleges abuse by St. John’s monk

(SC Times) A news conference has been scheduled for Monday in front of the Federico Degetau Federal Building in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to announce a new lawsuit against a St. John’s Abbey monk and the Order of St. Benedict … Continue reading

New lawsuit involving clergy sex abuse at San Antonio Abad

Media Alert Press Conference Monday May 2, @ 1 P.M. AST Federico Degetau Federal Building

Aviso para los medios

Conferencia de prensa lunes 2 de mayo, a la 1 P.M. (Hora Atlántico) en el edificio Federal Federico Degetau

St. Cloud Times… Top Stories of 2010

An article about St. John’s Abbey that appeared in the June 9 edition of the St. Cloud Times is up for consideration as one of the top stories of 2010.

The Long Wait to Die

ATLANTA — There are more than 3,000 inmates awaiting execution nationally, but only 40 or so are executed across the country in a typical year. Mark McClain will be one of those 40 if he is executed as scheduled Tuesday … Continue reading