New lawsuit involving clergy sex abuse at San Antonio Abad


Media Alert
Press Conference Monday May 2, @ 1 P.M. AST
Federico Degetau Federal Building

Attorney Reaching Out to Puerto Rican Victims of International Clergy Abuse Epidemic

New lawsuit involving clergy sex abuse at San Antonio Abad Boarding School in Humacao to be announced

Monday at San Juan press conference

What: At a news conference on Monday in San Juan, prominent United States-based clergy abuse attorneys Jeff Anderson and Patrick Noaker will announce a new lawsuit against the religious Order of St. Benedict and Father Raymond Francisco Schulte on behalf of a Puerto Rican man who was sexually abused by Schulte at the San Antonio Abad boarding school in Humacao in approximately 1978 when the Plaintiff was a young teenager.  At the time the boarding school was operated and staffed by priests and brothers of the State of Minnesota-based Order of St. Benedict.

In addition to the announcement of the lawsuit , the Attorneys will announce their effort to reach out to others who may have been victims of Father Schulte or other known clergy predators who served in Puerto Rico.

Jeff Anderson, an internationally recognized attorney who specializes in clergy abuse cases will address the international epidemic of clergy sexual abuse cases and the conspiracy to cover-up the crimes in countries around the world.

When: Monday, May 2, 2011 at 1 P.M. AST

Where: Federico Degetau Federal Building, 150 Carlos Chardon Street, San Juan, Puerto Rico


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