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An article about St. John’s Abbey that appeared in the June 9 edition of the St. Cloud Times is up for consideration as one of the top stories of 2010.

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Today, six months later, the Abbey has yet to notify any of the schools or parishes where Schulte worked. Neither did they notify those schools or parishes when (they claim) they first learned of Schulte’s pedophiliac tendencies back in 1992.

Fr. Francisco Schulte (aka Fr. Ray and Fr. Raymond Schulte) has been a sexually abusive priest since at least the late 1970’s when he worked at Colegio San Antonio Abad in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

Fr. Schulte has at least nine known victims. He recruited two of his victims to attend St. John’s Prep School. He took two of his victims out of the United States, where more abuse occurred.

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