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An Update from Abbot John Klassen

[Webmaster’s Note: Abbot John Klassen is deliberately misleading the Saint John’s community with this latest update regarding Abbot Timothy Kelly. ISTI was, and continues to be, a public relations tool created by Saint John’s in the wake of numerous allegations … Continue reading

New York man sues St. John’s Abbey

(Star Tribune) A New York man is suing St. John’s Abbey and the Order of St. Benedict in Collegeville, Minn., alleging a former abbot sexually abused him decades ago at a Bronx church.

New York man sues St. John’s Abbey

(AP) ST. PAUL, Minn. – Two former monks at St. John’s Abbey say the monastery fosters a culture of sexual secrecy that comes from the top. Patrick Wall and Richard Sipe joined St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson on Tuesday to announce … Continue reading

New Lawsuit says Former St. John’s Abbot Timothy Kelly abused altar boy in 1966

Media Advisory/News Conference Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 12:30

Timeline & Quotes: Timothy Kelly

April 20, 1934 – Thomas Daniel Kelly born in Milwaukee, WI Grades 1 – 6: Public Schools in Minneapolis, MN Grades 7 & 8: Annunciation Parish School in Minneapolis, MN High School: St. Thomas Military Academy in St. Paul, MN … Continue reading

Another ISTI Member Speaks Up

If the Abbey wants to take credit for ISTI, then it needs to be open about what actually happened, which is that the effort simply dissolved once the actual issues began to be addressed. – Elisabeth Horst, former ISTI Advisory Member

Time to Eliminate ISTI and FCLR

The Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute (“ISTI”) was, and continues to be a public relations tool for St. John’s in Collegeville, Minnesota.  Further, its leadership, including (former) Abbot Timothy Kelly, Br. Dietrich Reinhart, Fr. Roman Paur and (current) Abbot John Klassen have … Continue reading

Abbot Timothy Kelly and Others Deceived, Outright Lied

I debated writing anything for weeks, because of not wanting to join one “side” — what was always best about ISTI was the intention to include all voices — but having perused your website pretty thoroughly, I don’t find anything … Continue reading

St. John’s Abbey Suffers Relapse

There simply was no “intensive internal investigation.” Interrogation of a frightened teenager is not investigation. I received the following from a principle who was on the scene in 1994: “How can you have an investigation without anyone talking to us? … Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – Correction Notice

* There was a misstatement in the article on St. John’s in Collegeville, Minn. (NCR, Dec. 13). I served as the first chair of the board of St. John’s Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute in 1994-96. I did feel that the … Continue reading

Scandal at the Abbey – Part 1

Its reputation for learning and liturgy, publishing and holiness, ecumenism and even bread-making are legendary and have grown over its 146-year existence, making St. John’s Abbey here — with its impressive abbey church and signature bell tower — a jewel … Continue reading

Abbey Seeks to Build on Foundation of Healing and Renewal

Oct. 2, 2002 — It was distressing for me and for all friends of Saint John’s Abbey to read once again in the Minneapolis Star Tribune an account of the abusive, sinful acts of some members of the monastic community. … Continue reading

Lawsuit Widens Claims of Abuse

Declaring themselves victims of sexual abuse and claiming that St. John’s Abbey has covered up such abuse for decades, two former prep school students on Thursday sued the abbey and two priests already living under restrictions because of sexual misconduct.

Statements by Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB

Responding in a Time of Crisis [Date Unknown] Addresses and Statements by Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB Saint John’s Abbot – 1990-2000 Various writings of Abbot Timothy Kelly, OSB, February 1993 to May 2000 from Abbot Timothy Kelly’s response to a … Continue reading

Clergy Sexual Abuse at Saint John’s Abbey and in the Catholic Church

“Since his election as Abbot in 2000, Abbot John Klassen, OSB, has continued the Abbey’s commitment to openness and asserted his determination to assure that “no remnants of the veil of secrecy remain.” – [Webmaster’s Note: This is not true.]

Dialogue after Fr. Dan Ward’s Presentation

James Wiseman: Dan, you rightly said that monasteries can be places of healing or hiding and are probably a little of both. I think that you could perhaps help us answer Chodron’s question from the first session this morning, in … Continue reading

Honesty, reconciliation needed from ISTI

The program, “Confession of Sins” aired on Channel 5 on November 10, 2000. A reply was already in print for The Record, quoting Fr. Daniel Durken, by the November 16th issue. How could he have researched it adequately in that … Continue reading

Recommendations of the Executive Director

When individuals of any community fail in their integrity, everyone is a victim and everyone suffers. Nowhere is this more evident than when clergy and religious compromise leadership and violate their trust through sexual misconduct. – Roman Paur

ISTI Holds First National Conference

When individuals of any community fail in thier integrity, everyone is a victim and everyone suffers. Nowhere is this more evident than when clergy and religious compromise leadership and violate their trust through sexual misconduct and other forms of power … Continue reading

Trauma Institute Approved, Abuse Victims Meet

With the unanimous approval and support of the university’s Board of Regents on 16 October, a further step has been taken in the evolving plan to establish an institute on sexual trauma here.