Love Letters from Father Tom Andert


In 1994, Father Tom Andert sent a series of letters to a high school student. During the time these letter were written, Andert was able to get the student out of class to go on walks. Andert also took the student into the Twin Cities where Andert showed the student gay bars. Andert’s hand made it to the student’s thigh on more than one occasion in the car and in Andert’s prep School office, where Andert held the position of headmaster (or principal).

Andert’s grooming behavior was interrupted when an adult brought his affections to the attention of Abbot Timothy Kelly. Andert left the Prep School soon after. In 2002, Abbot Klassen agreed to pay for therapy for the victim. Because there was no reported “sexual” contact, Andert has never been disciplined. Instead, he has been elevated to the position of Prior.

Letters are Here.

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