Abbot Klassen with Offenders Schulte and Tarlton


When this photo was taken, Abbot Klassen was aware that both Fr. Schulte
and Fr. Tarlton had credible allegations of sexual misconduct against them.

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The College Oblates, with Fr. Francisco Schulte OSB, guiding the group, are on their way to making a formal commitment to live their lives as lay men and women according to the rule of St. Benedict. A Benedictine Oblate isn’t in training for life in the monastery. An Oblate lives as a college student, young adult or even married person.

2001 Pilot Oblate Group

The word “Oblate” is an ancient one, derived from the Latin word for “offering.” It indicates people who have come to know and “fall in love” with a particular monastic community to such an extent that they want to become a member of the monastery’s extended family. And so those persons “offer” themselves to the service of God and their fellow women and men in a life shaped by those things, which St. Benedict lived by personally and taught his disciples in the Benedictine values.

November – December 2001 (Vol. 5, No. 5)
Students at CSB/SJU Nurture Their Faith

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