Christmas Eve Appearances


Br. Paul Richards

Fr. Francisco Schulte






Among the monks attending Christmas Eve mass at St. John’s Abbey were Br. Paul Richards and Fr. Francisco Schulte. According to the mother of one of the monks at St. John’s, Br. Paul Richards left the monastery [ View ] following at least one allegation of misconduct.

Fr. Francisco Schulte, on the other hand, is a serial predator who allegedly abused boys in Puerto Rico, Minnesota, North Carolina and Mexico.

Br. Paul Richard and Fr. Schulte served together on the Saint John’s Prep School staff during the 1981-1982 school year.

While chaplain at the Prep School in 1983, Fr. Francisco Schulte warned at least one student [ View ] to stay away from another sexual predator, Fr. Dunstan Moorse (aka “the killer priest”).

It is believed that one of Schulte’s victims is on death row.

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