Email to Abbot Klassen re Fr. Hohmann


Abbot John, I have now spoken to both victims. Victim #2 has been devastated by the abuse. Any details will identify her or her family. She is scared and alone because of the abuse and your coverup.



Victim #1: According to one victim of abuse in the 1960’s, “Othmar was
a beast. He preyed on young girls. I did not witness anything with the
male gender. What I do remember is being grabbed by him with his huge,
stubby, fat fingers, pulled closely to him where he would put his
hands all over my body, underneath my skirt, rub against me, kiss me,
and tear my clothes off in the church office at St. Joseph. I saw him
put his hands under the skirts of other young girls, rub them against
himself and kiss them. As he visited family homes on Sunday
afternoons, he would gravitate to the young females and do his thing.
Also, he produced theatrical performances in the St. Joseph Parish
where I saw him many times doing his thing during rehearsals. His
victims probably number in the thousands if he did this in other
parishes. I have encouraged other women I know to come forward with
their stories. Some might, and I know others will not, as they have
not dealt with it themselves. A number of years ago, I contacted St.
John’s Abbey about this… [they] told me that the abbot was not
available for communication. Once again, I was a victim… not heard,
dismissed and feeling alone.”

Victim #2: On July 28, 2010, another victim of Fr. Hohmann contacted
this web site. The woman identified herself, asked that her name not
be made public on the web site, and told her story of abuse by Fr.
Hohmann at St. Joseph Parish and at her family’s home. She called to
corroborate the first account of abuse provided by another parishioner
at St. Joseph Parish.

From: Patrick Marker
Date: Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 11:25 AM
Subject: Fr. Othmar Hohmann… 2nd Victim Comes Forward
To: Abbot John Klassen

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