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Nativity Thieves Identified But Unnamed

The December 9, 2013 headline: “St. Joseph church reports stolen nativity figurines” News of the theft – and Father Jerome Tupa’s wish for a Christmas miracle – broke on the morning of December 9, the same day that Saint John’s Abbey … Continue reading

A Victim Shares…

Comments Regarding St. Joseph

Below are some of the comments received regarding the St. Joseph Update.

Letter: Sexual Misconduct and the Church of Saint Joseph, MN

[Webmaster’s Note: The following letter was mailed via US Mail on January 7 and January 8 to over 1100 families in St. Joseph, Minnesota. It is a followup to an article on this web site dated July 19, 2010. The … Continue reading

Father Jerome Tupa: Priest… Pornographer?

Despite receiving a detailed letter describing misconduct by Father Jerome Tupa, no one from the diocese (or from Saint John’s Abbey) has made an attempt to learn the details of Tupa’s alleged misconduct.

Survivor Responds (re Othmar Hohmann)

Patrick, I am very impressed with the courageous and articulate story in this woman’s letter. It is so similar a story to mine. As you know I was also in the Hansel and Gretel play; I was Gretel in the … Continue reading

Fr. Othmar Hohmann Victim Contacts Bishop Kinney

[Webmaster’s Note: The following letter was notarized and sent to Bishop John Kinney (Diocese of Saint Cloud) of November 26, 2012. The letter was written by a woman who  contacted this web site [ View ] on October 7, 2011. … Continue reading

Fr. Othmar Hohmann… 3rd Victim Comes Forward

A third victim of Fr. Othmar Hohmann called this afternoon to share her story of sexual misconduct by the Saint John’s Abbey monk.

Victim Remembers Fr. Othmar Hohmann

Fr. Othmar Hohmann would make his rounds, visiting St. Joseph Parish families on, I believe, Sunday afternoons. When he was to come we kids were told to be on best behavior and we girls were to dress up in the … Continue reading

Sex Offender’s Art on Display in St. Joseph Church

“The large candle next to the baptismal font is the Paschal (Easter) candle. It is first lit at the Easter Vigil and it represents Jesus Christ “our light.” It is lit during the Easter season, and for the celebration of … Continue reading

Email to Abbot Klassen re Fr. Hohmann

Abbot John, I have now spoken to both victims. Victim #2 has been devastated by the abuse. Any details will identify her or her family. She is scared and alone because of the abuse and your coverup.

Fr. Othmar Hohmann… 2nd Victim Comes Forward

This morning we were contacted by a second victim of Fr. Othmar Hohmann.