Names released in clergy abuse settlement


( St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson had a press conference on Monday, March 28th, in St. Paul to explain the clergy abuse settlement with St. John’s Abbey of Collegeville. Jeremy McCarthy, an abuse survivor, and the only survivor wishing to speak, stated during the press conference that his desire was that “the more people that come forward, the more light shown on the issue will stop the abuse.” As part of the settlement, the names of 17 monks were released—though none have yet been charged with any crimes.

Jeff Anderson & Associates, located in St. Paul, has a history of fighting for the protection of children and justice for those already harmed. Especially since many of the victims of clergy abuse have suffered for a long time before coming forward, the firm’s commitment to bringing these cases to light have done a service those still suffering and to justice in general. As he says in the press conference “[those coming forward] and [choosing] to speak up late in life, later than the abuse occurred, and then [choosing] to take action, gave me and us the opportunity to work with them…to protect other kids from harm.”

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Names released in clergy abuse settlement
Timothy Barjenbruch
St. Paul Atheism Examiner
March 29, 2011

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