Saint John’s Abbey Senior Council Members (2003)


Below is the most recent list of the Saint John’s Abbey Senior Council members. The council’s role is similar to that of a board of directors to a corporation.

Fr. Tom Andert: Born 1947 in Saint Paul, entered the monastery in 1967, ordained in 1975. Masters in educational administration. Served as President at Benilde-Saint Margaret’s for six years and Headmaster of the Prep School for six years. Presently a member of the Education Department of CSB/SJU and faculty resident at SJU.

Fr. Roger Botz: Born 1933 in Freeport, entered the monastery in 1953, ordained in 1960. Served as a parish priest, as director of financial aid for the University, then as chaplain for the University for three years, and for the last 18 years as chaplain at the Saint Cloud Hospital.

Fr. Roman Paur: Born in 1939 in Waubun, entered the monastery in 1959, ordained in 1965. Doctorate in psychology. Served for about 12 years as Vice President for Student Affairs at SJU. Executive director of ISTI during its nine years of existence as a separate organization. Presently does consulting and gives continuing education workshops for church organizations.

Fr. Geoffrey Fecht: Born in Tennyson Wl in 1952, entered the monastery in 1981, ordained in 1988. Served as associate pastor and pastor for seven years and then as prior of Saint John’s Abbey for seven years. Presently pastor of Saint Augustine’s Parish in Saint Cloud.

Br. Ken Kroeker: Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1956 and entered Saint John’s Abbey in 1985 after having spent about 6 years as a Trappist monk in Saskatchewan. Registered Nurse. Currently works in the Saint John’s Health Center.

Br. Benedict Leuthner: Born in Alexandria in 1960 and entered the monastery in 1986. MBA. Treasurer of the Order of Saint Benedict, lnc.

Fr. Raymond Pedrizetti: Born in Duluth in 1930, entered the monastery in 1953, ordained in 1958. Taught Philosophy and Classics for 39 years at SJU. Currently prior of the monastery.

Br. Robin Pierzina: Born in Little Falls in 1953 and entered the monastery is 1976. Editor of The Bible Today and faculty resident in a college dorm, secretary of the corporation.

Fr. Hilary Thimmesh: Born in Osakis in 1928, entered the monastery in 1947, ordained in 1954. President of the University for nine years, prior of the monastery for about two years, prior administrator of Saint Martin’s Abbey, Olympia WA for two years. Has taught inthe English Department in the University for 32 years and is again a faculty resident in a college dorm.

Br. Otto Thole: Born in Moorhead in 1937 and entered the monastery in 1955. Worked as a printer, then a plumber then at our priory in Puerto Rico for 13 years. Presently a physical therapist in our Health Center.

Fr. Simeon Thole, Secretary: Born in Moorhead in 1935, entered the monastery in 1955, and ordained in 1962. Teacher of English at the Prep School for 17 years. Served as a chaplain and as a pastor in a number of settings. Served as a prior administrator of Saint Leo’s Abbey in Florida for five years. Currently a part of the team of the Spiritual Life Program of the abbey.

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